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BA Advertising 2002 - Business / Spanish
DC Doctor Chiropractic 2013

Interior /  Design / Furniture

My father managed a Broyhill furniture factory and at night his personal factory with designs he created.  Later he worked in upholstery sales advising body cloth + pillow patterns combinations.

My youth spent at furniture fairs and in my 20's I worked as a fabric rep.    My youth spent in various roles color and design roles including construction sales/estimating.

Im self taught in Wordpress and SEO and xzib.com is a large experiment into impacting the culture through search engines.  


The "Radioshack guy" taught me basic DOS programming in elementary birthing a passion for technology and the leverage created by computers.    

Xzib.com uses technology to create leverage and make some art galleries more visible.  

visual art practice

Growing up surrounded by color and furniture design sparked my sensitivity to aesthetics.  

My talented friend Lawrence Voytek was Bob Rauschenberg's fabricator for 26 years. Lawrence encouraged me to push some paint around sparking my casual practice.  

I use mixed media techniques, paint + transferred photography.   Dyes and paints on vintage books + fabrics are color studies off odd or interesting combinations.  The goal is juxtapostion making the colors feel angry or agitated.   In the art I try to achieve an imbalance or interest in the compositions, again to make the work feel uneasy.   My intention is to evoke curiosity and introspection.


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Ryan Lutz artist statement  

Unable to find the answers after  my partners passing.   I took her art supplies, and began to create.  Inquiry is central to the work.  Asking the tough questions of others, society,  and myself. 

Craving specificity, precision, and certainty, the things I desire most cannot be achieved.  And my art practice is largely a coping mechanism for dealing with frustration.    Marks, symbols, and images in the works often speak to the uncertainty.  I work in photography, transfer drawings, dyes, satin, paper, and collage.  

I provide Seo Services, marketing strategy, and solutions for a small group of artists. 

In free time, I enjoy playing with my dog, good food, and art museums.

In the past, 2-4 weeks a year traveling internationally, and visiting museums.  Venice, Mexico City, and Buenos Aires were some of my favs.    

I do believe art has healing power.   Artists have a responsibility to be business savvy, fulfilling their role on the planet.  

It is the mission of xzib.com to help artists do that, by providing tools for long term growth and exposure.