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I love international travel and immersing myself in classic art museums. However, when it came to exploring contemporary art, we had challenges.  Closed galleries, tourist traps, and alot of wasted time led us to to try to purchase art from a domestic gallery.  And quickly we realized its the same situation whether in San Francisco, Miami, or Madrid.   Connecting with the local art culture is a challenge.   Even in Miami a city which I had visited scored of time, its hard to connect with reputable art institutions like Bakehouse, Oolite, and Fountainhead.

 Without a local plugging you in, you are likely going to get frustrated and give up

To bridge this gap, I created the Culture Impact Algorithm. It leverages online data to objectively measure interest in art galleries, museums, fairs, and events. You can quickly identify top art programs and create meaningful experiences.

visual art practice

Inspired by my father's work in the upholstery industry and my experiences at NC furniture markets, I developed an appreciation for color and design. Following the untimely passing of my partner, I turned to art as a way to heal. Encouraged by my neighbor Lawrence Voytek, who had collaborated with Bob Rauschenberg for 26 years, I began experimenting with paint using my partner's art supplies.

Through photography and composition, I explore mixed media techniques, combining paint with transferred or manipulated photos. Additionally, I create collage pieces using dyes and paints on vintage books or fabrics like satin and silk. My aim is to evoke curiosity in viewers through my artwork.  

Though my main passion is growing impact and visibility for other art programs.  

I dont build websites

An advertising education from ASU in North Carolina opened my eyes to the internet's potential.  In 2014, I was mentored by the digital marketing specialist who played the crucial role in Netflix buliding a billion-dollar valuation.

Now, my goal is to help galleries optimize web publishing and reach collectors searching on Google, ultimately attracting more visitors to their gallery and art fair showings.

My end goal is returning to international travel 2-4 weeks per year and visiting museums and viewing classical/renaissance while also attending art fairs to support my gallery partners.  

I dont build websites.   I dont do brand positioning or social media.  Galleries are generally good at the aforementioned. 

I help galleries multiply the ROI on ALL the things you are already doing.

2 Services offer

1. Google Page Speed Test: An analysis of Tribeca art galleries reveals that 94% fail Google's Page Speed Test on desktop, mobile, or both. This test provides an objective assessment of speed and stability, determining whether your mobile website users and international visitors are having a positive browsing experience. Click here to open a new window and test your website now.

Working with a team of 1 or 2 web engineers, we assess your current traffic and technology for 30-60 days. We then collaborate like a team of medical doctors to determine the most suitable technology and implement necessary changes. Testing and monitoring on Google follows for another 60-120 days. For more detailed information on our services, you can find it here. Costs typically range from $5,000 to $10,000 with ongoing hosting fees ranging from $50 to $100, depending on traffic volume.

2. Google Publishing of Exhibitions, Art Fairs, and News: If your objective is to promote and share your partner's rich cultural practice, I can assist you in achieving growth. This may involve publishing your exhibitions, art fairs, and related news on Google News over a span of months or years. Alternatively, you can utilize my affordable programs to list your exhibitions using structured data. Listings can be done on your website per exhibition or art fair, or through my website for a $50 donation to ASPCA.

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Fort Myers artist Ryan Lutz

Ryan Lutz artist statement  

Unable to find the answers after  my partners passing.   I took her art supplies, and began to create.  Inquiry is central to the work.  Asking the tough questions of others, society,  and myself. 

Craving specificity, precision, and certainty, the things I desire most cannot be achieved.  And my art practice is largely a coping mechanism for dealing with frustration.    Marks, symbols, and images in the works often speak to the uncertainty.  I work in photography, transfer drawings, dyes, satin, paper, and collage.  

I provide Seo Services, marketing strategy, and solutions for a small group of artists. 

In free time, I enjoy playing with my dog, good food, and art museums.

In the past, 2-4 weeks a year traveling internationally, and visiting museums.  Venice, Mexico City, and Buenos Aires were some of my favs.    

I do believe art has healing power.   Artists have a responsibility to be business savvy, fulfilling their role on the planet.  

It is the mission of xzib.com to help artists do that, by providing tools for long term growth and exposure.