Ryan Lutz

Art | Dogs | museums | tech | Hickory, NC | Cape Coral, FL
Large Paintings | Collage, Transfers, Acrylic, Watercolor, Satin, Fabrics, Books

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Ryan Lutz

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Sam Gilliam 1933-2022
Fort Myers artist Ryan Lutz

Ryan Lutz artist statement  

Unable to find the answers after  my partners passing.   I took her art supplies, and began to create.  Inquiry is central to the work.  Asking the tough questions of others, society,  and myself. 

Craving specificity, precision, and certainty, the things I desire most cannot be achieved.  And my art practice is largely a coping mechanism for dealing with frustration.    Marks, symbols, and images in the works often speak to the uncertainty.  I work in photography, transfer drawings, dyes, satin, paper, and collage.  

I provide Seo Services, marketing strategy, and solutions for a small group of artists. 

In free time, I enjoy playing with my dog, good food, and art museums.

In the past, 2-4 weeks a year traveling internationally, and visiting museums.  Venice, Mexico City, and Buenos Aires were some of my favs.    

I do believe art has healing power.   Artists have a responsibility to be business savvy, fulfilling their role on the planet.  

It is the mission of xzib.com to help artists do that, by providing tools for long term growth and exposure.