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07/28/2023 by: Ryan Lutz

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Kristy Moreno Curates "Common Ground" @ Thinkspace Projects, Los Angeles

Thinkspace Projects has a slew of shows opening on April 6, but we have our eyes on Common Ground, curated by artist Kristy Moreno. The show features sculptural works by [...]

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One of the World’s Rarest Hummingbirds Makes a Dazzling Appearance in Colombia

Lost to science for more than six decades until it was photographed in 2010, the Santa Marta Sabrewing is one of the rarest hummingbirds in the world. Another sighting wasn’t [...]

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Vans Skateboarding and Anthony Van Engelen AVE 2.0 Release Tour Event Kicks Off in Los Angeles

Last week, we reported on the release of Vans new game-changing footwear release, the AVE 2.0, the signature shoe of Anthony van Engelen. As part of the release, last Thursday, Juxtapoz attended [...]

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Closer Look at the Galleries Exhibited During Art Basel Hong Kong 2024

Art Basel Hong Kong 2024 has kicked off in full force. The international art fair has landed in Hong Kong, bringing a global group of art aficionados to the vibrant [...]

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10 Shows to See in Los Angeles This April

Elizabeth Glaessner’s dreamlike worlds, Merrick Morton’s candid portraiture, Costa Rican artists on the body and identity, Sargent Claude Johnson, and more. [...]

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Warhol “Mao” Screenprint Mysteriously Missing From California School

The 1972 work was last seen in a secure vault at the Orange Coast College's Frank M. Doyle Arts Pavilion before workers reported it unaccounted for. [...]

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The Broad Announces $100M USD Expansion, More Than Doubling Museum’s Size

The Broad has become a favorite among visitors in downtown Los Angeles less than a decade after opening its doors, drawing in over 5 million people annually. Next year, the [...]

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You, Through Me: Exploring Human Identity and Connection in the Virtual Frontier

A recent solo exhibition at the 4C Gallery in San Gabriel, Los Angeles, presents an interesting exploration of narrative-driven virtual reality (VR) within the confines of physical space. [...]

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Renowned Artist Richard Serra, Master of Monumental Sculptures, Passes Away at 85 (News)

Richard Serra, the visionary artist whose monumental abstract sculptures reshaped museums, public spaces, and landscapes, has passed away at the age of 85. His lawyer, John Silberman, confirmed that Serra [...]

- Los Angeles Archives - Hyperallergic - Renée Reizman
VALIE EXPORT Insists on Taking Up Space

EXPORT’s urban interventions in her exhibition Embodied alert us to the risks of being read as femme in a highly visible, public space.  [...]

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A Los Angeles Residency Envisions a Radical Future for Experimental Art

Coaxial Arts serves as a crucial resource and hub for LA-based video and multimedia artists, who have rallied around the organization as it weathers financial challenges. [...]

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At the Skirball, Finding Common Ground Through Food and Ceramics

An artist and scholar duo hosted community meals with dishes made from water, tree ash, and clay from across the country, now on view at the Skirball Center. [...]

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Hauser & Wirth to inaugurate first Basel space with historical Vilhelm Hammershøi show.

Hauser & Wirth will inaugurate its new gallery space in Basel on June 1st with a historical survey of Vilhelm Hammershøi. The show, titled “Vilhelm Hammershøi. Silence,” marks the first [...]

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Artist Lynthia Edwards claims that Deborah Roberts’ lawsuit alleging infringement is tantamount to defamation.

Lynthia Edwards, an artist represented by Richard Beavers Gallery, recently responded to a lawsuit by collage artist Deborah Roberts in September 2022. Roberts alleged that Edwards deliberately infringed upon her [...]

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Watch: Njideka Akunyili Crosby Reflects on Her Latest Works in Her L.A. Studio

The Artist Profile Archive’s latest short documentary features Njideka Akunyili Crosby, the esteemed Nigerian-born, Los Angeles–based artist. In this video, the artist speaks from her L.A. studio, reflecting on her [...]

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Summer Wheat’s Communal Eden

Rather than embrace individualistic “hustle culture,” the women in her paintings work communally and find time to rest. [...]

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Major Collection of California Narrative Art Reopens in Orange County

The new Hilbert Museum of California Art at Chapman University holds over 5,000 works that plumb the rich history of the Golden State. [...]

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Asian-American Art Is Plagued by Generational Amnesia

Many members of the current generation do not recognize or even know about past efforts to create visibility for Asian-American artists. [...]

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Yong Soon Min, Intrepid Korean-American Artist, Dies at 70

As a self-proclaimed “Cold War baby,” Min navigated the shifting political climate of post-war Korea and plumbed the Asian-American diasporic experience. [...]

- Los Angeles Archives - Hyperallergic - David S. Rubin
The Pristine and Sensuous World of John McCracken

While most Minimalists sought to eliminate expressive potential, McCracken’s sculptures do quite the opposite. [...]

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New works by Alison Friend: ‘While You Were Out…’ at Harman Projects Los Angeles

British illustrator Alison Friend exercises her imagination to explore these questions and much more in her current solo exhibition, 'While You Were Out...' at Harman Projects Los Angeles. The post [...]

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After Fires Tore Through Their Studios, Artists Find Resilience

LA artist Malado Francine is just beginning to make sense of the loss after a blaze consumed decades of work — and she is far from the only one. [...]

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Interview with BEYOND THE STREETS Founder Roger Gastman

BEYOND THE STREETS and CONTROL Gallery have revealed ‘EXHIBITION 010: GRAFFITI ARCHIVE 1972/73’, a new exhibition offering an unprecedented glimpse... Read More [...]

- Los Angeles Archives - Hyperallergic - Renée Reizman
Paintings That Capture the Full Force of Nature

There’s nothing still in Melinda Braathen’s still lifes, which are lush and alive, growing, pulsing, vibrating. [...]

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Coleman Collins’s solo exhibition Leveling opens at Ehrlich Steinberg

Ehrlich Steinberg has opened the solo exhibition Leveling by Los Angeles-based artist Coleman Collins. Including various forms of images, scans, and prints, Leveling presents... Read More [...]

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LA Protesters Block Traffic, Chanting “No Oscars During Genocide”

More than 1,000 organizers, artists, and film workers gathered to protest what they see as Hollywood's silence and complicity with the Israeli government. [...]

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The Artist Using Mushrooms to Address LA’s Poor Air Quality

Alice Könitz conducts art experiments with mycelium in the middle of the Mojave Desert. [...]

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Hauser & Wirth announces representation of William Kentridge.

Hauser & Wirth, in collaboration with Goodman Gallery and Lia Rumma, have announced the joint representation of South African artist William Kentridge. Hauser & Wirth also announced that it will [...]

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Tanya Bonakdar Gallery LA: Tomas Saraceno

Tomas Saraceno at Tanya Bonakdar At Tanya Bonakdar Gallery in Los Angeles, “Live(s) on Air” is on from February 24 to May 4, 2024, featuring new works by Tomás Saraceno. This [...]

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At the Getty, Adam and Eve Come Back to Life

After a three-year-long restoration project, Lucas the Elder’s iconic 16th-century panels are back on view at the Los Angeles museum. [...]

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