Fountian Head Residency Miami Art Week 2021

Musician and Visual Artist George Clinton @ FountainHead |  Miami Art Week 2021 

Culture + 5 senses

We experience culture through our 5 senses.   Vision a powerful sense and visual art a beloved cultural institution.  Art appreciation is more than a hobby, it is an evolutionary skill programmed in out DNA. 

Affinity toward color evolved while our ancestors scanned the horizon for colorful fruit to sustain life.  Our ancestors were vigilant for environmental nuances to anticipate food or rivals.  This attention to detail is the foundation for our appreciation for nuanced and detailed art. makes art and design accessible through search engines such as Google.  It is my goal to give visibility to top art and design exhibitions.  I do this because art can be a vehicle for empathy and understanding in society.  I hope you find these guides helpful

Dr. Ryan Lutz


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ATTN: Galleries & Business Owners:  Instagram is a competitive nightmare with diminishing returns.  Google is the most effective way to impact the culture.   Most art galleries neglect Google's best practices for publishing, thus Google cannot promote their gallery's exhibition or art fair activity.

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