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07/08/2023 by: Ryan Lutz

Aperture Magazine is the #10 art news publisher who focuses on photography.  Established in 1952, Aperture is a renowned photography magazine showcasing exceptional works by established and emerging photographers. Its home office is located in New York City, USA.

Aperture is a non profit and their coverage is New York and US based artists from marginalized communities.  Aperture covers exhibitions, books, and emerging artists offering a critical voice in the photography.  Aperture is a personal favorite which I find substantive.  Check out the recent articles from Aperture below.  

Inside the New Photography Center Energizing Accra’s Art Scene

Home to a gallery and thousands of books, the Dikan Center is the latest in a growing number of creative hubs across Ghana.

Sofia Coppola on the Photographs that Inspired Her Films

The acclaimed director reflects on the ways photography has been central in shaping her distinct cinematic language.

Carlos Idun-Tawiah’s Retro-Inspired Vision of Ghanaian Youth

Incorporating his experience with fashion photography, Idun-Tawiah’s images combine stylized flair with the intimacy of personal pictures.

La Dolce Vita According to Sam Youkilis

Drawing inspiration from Fellini and Pasolini, the photographer finds a seductive—sometimes humorous—vision of Italy.

Evelyn Hofer’s Tender Gaze

A retrospective in London showcases the brilliance and breadth of the photographer’s sensitive portraiture.

Finding Euphoria and Community in Rave Culture

On the road with Vinca Petersen, who chronicled the raves, free parties, and traveling sound systems of ’90s-era Europe.

The Defiance of South African Women Photographers during Apartheid

The curator Marie Meyerding speaks about a group exhibition of photographers who exposed the effects of race, gender, and class on everyday life.

Toyo Miyatake’s Indelible Record of Life inside the Manzanar Internment Camp

During World War II, Miyatake made surreptitious photographs of Japanese Americans incarcerated by the US government. He saw little need to glorify, humanize, or even individualize the prisoners—because he was

Japan’s Unparalleled History of Photography in Print

An expansive new book shows how the magazine format was a major, genre-defining space for Japanese photographers.

Reagan Louie on Surviving the American Dream

The photographer once believed that he had to turn his back on his Chinese culture. Today, his images show what it means to embrace authenticity.

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Aperture News
Updated July 8, 2023  by Ryan Lutz