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Roscoè B. Thické

July 22, 2023  by: Ryan Lutz

Mediums Photography and Installation 
Studio Oolite Arts
Recent Show Oolite Arts

Which artwork is the most personally meaningful to you?

All of my work is deeply personal and meaningful, but the series that may be the most impactful right now is my 1402 Pork N Bean Blue series. The whole series of photos are meaningful because it speaks to something that is happening all over Miami and other underserved communities. The forcible and deliberate action of displacing people from their homes for monetary gains. The series highlights a public housing community in Liberty City called Liberty Square, but locals refer to the region as The Pork N Beans.

Pork N Bean Blue Book Roscoe B. Thicke III

Pork N Bean Blue Book Roscoe B. Thicke III

Do you have a particular studio ritual that gets you in the headspace to create?

When I arrive to my studio at Oolite Arts on Miami Beach I have to make sure the energy is right. I open the windows in my studio to allow for natural light to fill the space. Then I light an incense to help ease away stress and increase focus. Im really enjoying the Erykah Badu premium incense. Last but not least I have to play some music, lately singer Cleo Sol has really been curating my studio practice.

roscoe-b-thicke-studio miami

Roscoe B Thicke studio Miami

Do you have a piece that you made during a rough patch in your life?

The pandemic was rough for everybody, but it also made me shift my practice. pre pandemic my practice was intimate photos of people in their home or private spaces. Because of the pandemic I had to shift to more of a studio practice. This caused me to do more staging and to work with studio lighting. Out of this shift came my ABSOLUTE series


Absolute II by Roscoe B. Thicke III

How did you use materials to communicate your ideas?

I use custom made frames to help tell the story I'm trying to tell in my work. I sometimes combine my images with handmade or found frames to help convey a feeling or emotion.

Rosco Thicke III Shifting Arrangements

Rosco Thicke III Shifting Arrangements

What attribute of a work do you hope strikes the viewer?

I think my attention to detail and use of color to express different feelings throughout my solo exhibition is a detail that may escape the viewer. 

Roscoé B. Thicke / Order my Steps

View of the entrance of my solo exhibition ORDER MY STEPS: There are no answers here, move on

Any people who support your practice?

My whole family has been there at every step, but also the whole staff at Oolite Arts. Also the artist community has helped me tremendously.

roscoebthickefamily - Roscoe B. Thicke III Oolite

Roscoe B. Thicke III Oolite

Who is your current favorite artist who shows work in Miami?

Theres literally too many amazing artist in Miami to say just one. My top 5 would be Reginald Oneal, Mark Flueridor, T Elliot Mansa, Jen Clay and Amanda Bradley.

favorite Miami artists Roscoe B. Thicke III

Here is a group of amazing artist from Miami

What was the most memorable museum experience you have had?

The most memorable museum experience is hands down when I visited The New Museum in New York. I saw the exhibition GRIEF and GRIEVANCES curated by Okwui Enwexor and it forever changed me. The show was so powerful that it forced me to take numerous breaks to take in the art and messaging.The show called upon some of my favorite artist to tackle some of the most pressing topics in America.

The book from the show GRIEF and GRIEVANCE

Oolite Arts studio visit with Roscoe B Thicke

As a Miami native and photographer, Roscoe B Thicke plays an important role in furthering important conversations.  Post pandemic issues such as income inequality and housing are exacerbated in Miami and across the world.

And as an African American raised in the inner city of Miami, Roscoe has witnessed many changes which affect the African American community.  And his work serves as a mirror or a reference to things which are oft not addresses and seen by the tourists and billions of dollars which pour into the state of Florida annually.   Working in Miami and with the support of Oolite arts, Roscoe is able to shine a light on these issues in Miami-Dade county and well beyond.  

Check out Roscoes catalog here

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Roscoè B. Thické
Updated July 22, 2023  by Ryan Lutz