Bob Rauschenberg, Top artist on the planet
by: Ryan Lutz
Updated 06/09/2023 

To characterize Lawrence as a "fabricator" is grossly inaccurate. Without Lawrence, the best late Rauschenberg works would never have been.  Without Lawrence Voytek I would have walked away from my pursuit of art.  Lawrence is a visionary artist and a good human being.  

Are you are a fan of contemporary art, Bob Rauschenberg, or perhaps you just enjoy hearing a good story?  I highly suggest watching this video becasuse its an amazing snapshot of a small, yet important piece of art history.

Lawrence Voytek and Ryan Lutz

Lawrence created some of the most valuable arts of our generation.   As Bob Rauschenberg's Fabricator, Lawrence conceptualized techniques that improved "art" and beauty on this planet.

RISD BFA, sculptor, and story teller.   In 2022, Lawrence actively works as consultant and fabricator.  His work is showing in the world's best museums, and trendiest galleries right now.    When it comes to creative genius, Lawrence Voytek is proven decades over.  - RL

Bob Rauschenberg studios on Captiva

Lawrence Voytek describing how he helped setup Robert Rauschenberg's studio of Captiva.  

Gift in Your Pocket exhibition 2022

Bob Rauschenberg exhibition at Bob Rauschenberg gallery outro. Click the links below to watch the full exhibition tour narrated by Lawrence Voytek

"Music to My Ears" -  The last Bob Rauschenberg work.  A poignant final message from Bob.  

Exhibition tour with Lawrence Voytek

"A Gift in your Pocket" a 2022 art exhibition.  Click the images below to be take to the blog page, where you can watch the full videos.  

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Top Artist on the Planet: A Film about Bob Rauschenberg
Updated June 26, 2023  by Ryan Lutz