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08/21/2023 by: Ryan Lutz

17.9.2023 || Scroll down to view top Photography news and posts from top publishers Apollo Magazine, Aperture, NPR, Paper Journal, and more. We aggregate the best Photography news, blogs, and features on 1 page.

- Aperture
Inside the New Photography Center Energizing Accra’s Art Scene

Home to a gallery and thousands of books, the Dikan Center is the latest in a growing number of creative hubs across Ghana.

- Aperture
Sofia Coppola on the Photographs that Inspired Her Films

The acclaimed director reflects on the ways photography has been central in shaping her distinct cinematic language.

- Aperture
Carlos Idun-Tawiah’s Retro-Inspired Vision of Ghanaian Youth

Incorporating his experience with fashion photography, Idun-Tawiah’s images combine stylized flair with the intimacy of personal pictures.

- Aperture
La Dolce Vita According to Sam Youkilis

Drawing inspiration from Fellini and Pasolini, the photographer finds a seductive—sometimes humorous—vision of Italy.

- Aperture
Evelyn Hofer’s Tender Gaze

A retrospective in London showcases the brilliance and breadth of the photographer’s sensitive portraiture.

- Aperture
Finding Euphoria and Community in Rave Culture

On the road with Vinca Petersen, who chronicled the raves, free parties, and traveling sound systems of ’90s-era Europe.

Anna Atkins, queen of cyan

It was the pioneering photogapher’s dedication to botany that made her determined to record her samples in such memorable fashion

- Aperture
The Defiance of South African Women Photographers during Apartheid

The curator Marie Meyerding speaks about a group exhibition of photographers who exposed the effects of race, gender, and class on everyday life.

- Photography : NPR
PHOTOS: Global heat hacks, from jazzy umbrellas in DRC to ice beans in Singapore

We asked photographers around the world to make pictures of how the locals cope with this year's record heat. They created some really cool images.

- Aperture
Toyo Miyatake’s Indelible Record of Life inside the Manzanar Internment Camp

During World War II, Miyatake made surreptitious photographs of Japanese Americans incarcerated by the US government. He saw little need to glorify, humanize, or even individualize the prisoners—because he was

- Aperture
Japan’s Unparalleled History of Photography in Print

An expansive new book shows how the magazine format was a major, genre-defining space for Japanese photographers.

- Aperture
Reagan Louie on Surviving the American Dream

The photographer once believed that he had to turn his back on his Chinese culture. Today, his images show what it means to embrace authenticity.

- Photography : NPR
Unusual photos at MoMA conjure the beaches, bustle and history of Lagos

For the first time, the Museum of Modern Art showcases current West African photographers. The exhibit depicts the colonial past, beautiful beaches and boisterous protests of the Nigerian city.

- Photography : NPR
How photographing action figures healed my inner child

What started as a childhood fascination has developed into a photographic project where I explore identity and Blackness through the characters I portray.

How Carrie Mae Weems keeps making her presence felt

Whether transforming existing images or taking photographs of her own, the socially engaged artist has never stopped experimenting

- Photography : NPR
Drone Photo Award winners capture the extraordinary beauty of the ordinary

A rice field, a playground, piles of garbage — cameras from above cast a lens at earthly images with surprising, even dazzling results. Here are some of the winners from

- Photography : NPR
What does the failed mutiny mean to U.S. interests in the war in Ukraine?

Democratic Rep. Elissa Slotkin of Michigan talks about how the aborted march on Moscow by mercenary leader Yevgeny Prigozhin is impacting U.S. political calculus around the war in Ukraine.

- Photography : NPR
Power of the Sash: How a beauty pageant became a platform for change in South Africa

For most contestants, competing in Miss Calendar Girl, a pageant for LGBTQ South Africans, regardless of whether they've transitioned, is about being seen and heard.

- Photography : NPR
Paul McCartney's photos of early Beatlemania are in a book and on display in London

NPR's Steve Inskeep talks to Paul McCartney about his book of photographs from the time the Beatles first visited the United States.

- Photography : NPR
Remembering David Gilkey: His NPR buddies share stories about their favorite pictures

It is the 7th anniversary of the death of NPR photographer David GIlkey, who was killed by a grenade attack while on assignment in Afghanistan. His colleagues talk about his

- Photography : NPR
A Korean American connects her past and future through photography

Through her work, photographer Arin Yoon re-examines her connection to the U.S., reconsidering histories while exploring her connection to the landscape, her children and their past and future selves.

- Photography : NPR
People with disabilities aren't often seen in stock photos. The CPSC is changing that

The Consumer Product Safety Commission took photos of people with disabilities using home safety devices like flashlights and smoke alarms — then put them in the public domain for anyone

- Photography : NPR
Supreme Court sides against Andy Warhol Foundation in copyright infringement case

In its 7-2 ruling Thursday, the Supreme Court said the late artist infringed on a photographer's copyright when he created a series of works based on an image of the

- Paper Journal

After 10 years, we are deeply saddened to announce that Paper Journal is closing.

- Photography : NPR
Photographer's decade-long, 600,000-mile journey shows Indigenous life in new book

Matika Wilbur was tired of seeing one-dimensional, insipid, degrading depictions of Native Americans in mainstream media and popular culture. So she did something about it.

Do photography collections in the UK need more focus?

Diane Smyth considers the state of private and public photography collections in the UK


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- Photography : NPR
Photographer's decade-long, 600,000 mile journey shows Indigenous life in new book

NPR's Melissa Block talks with Matika Wilbur about her new book Project 562: Changing the Way We See Native America.

- Photography : NPR
Photograph or... 'promptograph?' Artist questions implications of AI generated images

NPR's Scott Detrow talks with photographer Boris Elgadsen about his decision to reject a photography award he received for an image he created using AI.

- Photography : NPR
Ukraine refugees face uncertainty and precarity as displacement persists

Despite being welcomed by European neighbors, for most Ukrainians, it's not enough to build a new life. Many are caught in a cycle of repeated uprooting, displacement and return.


Name Alex LeGolvan Title ︎︎︎ Untitled There are a ton of preciously manicured places in the world. I’m not interested in them. I am however enamored by the beauty that

- Paper Journal
15 Questions With… Fabrizio Albertini

How are you at the moment? Everything fine here. I’m writing from my new home, in the centre of Italy (Marche Region). Quite warm, it’s 23°C. and the sun is

- Paper Journal
15 Questions With… Stig de Block

Stig de Block takes part in our '15 Question With...' interview series, sharing his latest project 'Back to Back: From Backyard to Boulevard'.

- Paper Journal
15 Questions With… Ben Slama Safouane

Ben Slama Safouane takes part in our 15 Questions With... interview series, sharing his most recent project, I prefer when it’s real.

- Paper Journal
15 Questions With… Sophie Barbasch

Photographer Sophie Barbasch takes part in our '15 Questions With...' interview series, discussing her latest work, Obras.

- Paper Journal
Whitney Hayes – Solemn August

Whitney Hayes spent her summer working with The Highlands Natural Pool in Ringwood, New Jersey to paint a picture of what is truly a magical place. Unexpected, it is an

- Paper Journal
Valentin Cheli – Fruit on Cars

Valetin Cheli's series 'Fruit on Cars' was created on winter walks from 2020 - 2022 through Neukölln, Kreuzberg and Mitte Berlin.

- Paper Journal
 Jenna Garrett – This Holy Hill

Jenna Garrett's series This Holy Hill explores spirituality and myth in America through a rural vacation town.

- Paper Journal
Joe Clarke – The Time We Once Had

The Time We Once Had is rooted in the lockdowns of the Covid-19 pandemic and represents Joe Clarke's struggles with identity, solitude and the loss of time.

- Paper Journal
15 Questions With… Skyler Dahan

How are you at the moment? At the moment I am feeling inspired because of a recent trip to New York. Living in Los Angeles can sometimes feel a bit


Name Alessio Pellicoro Title ︎︎︎ Ducale On the whole, my research has always focused on the unique purpose of identifying the intimate identity of the things, places, and communities that inhabit

The changing face of war photography

The nature of modern conflicts and the demands of today’s media has led to a shift in the images produced by photojournalists


Name Antti Sinitsyn Title ︎︎︎ "Ambient Portraits" As a skateboarder in my youth, I spent a lot of time "on the streets" - so to speak. By being totally immersed

Street cred – how Helen Levitt turned a cool eye on life in New York

The photographer recorded life in New York for 70 years without receiving the same acclaim as her male contemporaries, but that seems to be changing

Up in the air – the photographs that defy the laws of gravity

What goes up inevitably must come down – but for a fleeting moment some photographers have tried to suggest otherwise


Name Adam Frint Title ︎︎︎ Smoke / Break “Smoke / Break” is a study in fragments, begun accidentally. One day, stopped in traffic, I noticed an arm and hand holding


Name Adele Akhunova Title ︎︎︎ Untitled I’m geophysicist, but I’ve always interested in visual art. Two years ago I started to discover photography for myself and it fascinated me. I

Does the past look better in black and white?

Photographers and film-makers have long added colour to their images – but does the current craze for colourisation create a false impression of olden times?

An elegy for sweaty nights of drum & bass

With nightclubs in crisis, photographs of clubbers leave Peter Scott feeling nostalgic for the ’90s rave scene

From baptisms to boat burnings, life along the Thames is full of surprises

With an eye for ritual, the photographer Chloe Dewe Mathews celebrates an unfamiliar vision of the river


Name Arianna Marzioli Title ︎︎︎ The Unseen Beauty I’m an Italian photographer living in UK. The multicultural mix of London is what I like the most. Travelling to me is


Name Alessandra D’Innella Title ︎︎︎ Life of Flowers I am an Italian lens based artist living in London. After working in communication in the theatre sector as an art director


Name Alex Lysakowski Title ︎︎︎ Antistructure “Antistructure” is a body of work that focuses on exaggerated architectural forms within banal spaces. The farcical nature of the manipulated structures creates a surreal

Spirit of the place – an interview with Farah Al Qasimi

Conveying the views of a disgruntled jinn is just one of the artist’s absurdist approaches to understanding the modern world

‘I found a Dorothea Lange who was new to me’ – an interview with Sam Contis

The artist Sam Contis talks about mining a rich seam in the personal archive of Dorothea Lange, and the parallels between Lange’s work and her own photography

‘The full measure of the great artist so many suspected had always been there was becoming visible’

Joshua Chuang remembers working with Santu Mofokeng on a series of books presenting the South African photographer’s life’s work

In a Morris Minor key – Michael Collins presents the lost world of family slides

The photographer talks to Apollo about three decades of collecting other people’s family slides

Spain’s annual photography festival, in focus

From Franco-era crimes to the Anthropocene, images at PhotoEspaña 2019 tackle some powerful subjects

Moon landings and Martin Parr’s Britain – the year ahead in photography

Exhibitions of lunar photography and a major Martin Parr retrospective are among the highlights to watch out for in 2019

Remembering Ara Güler, the eye of Istanbul

The much-loved Armenian-Turkish photographer spent decades recording a disappearing city

A welcome reappraisal of Peter Hujar

An exhibition at the Berkeley Art Museum makes clear the radical vision of Peter Hujar's intimate photographs

‘It is a strange little science-fiction period in the history of photography’ – Wim Wenders on his Polaroids

The film-maker discusses the unique quality of Polaroids – and why in the future no one will see the digital photographs being taken today

The Barbican’s photography double bill speaks powerfully to our times

The photographs of Dorothea Lange and Vanessa Winship share a fascination with society in flux

Chloe Dewe Mathews looks beneath the surface

The photographer’s austere images hint at natural disasters, nuclear horrors, and man-made monsters

A tantalising peek into the Archive of Modern Conflict

Despite its name, the London-based photography collection is far from being all about war

Tracing India’s modern history through photography

This ambitious exhibition at London’s Science Museum marks 70 years of Indian independence

Posing for Martin Parr

The photographer’s foundation opens with pop-up portrait sessions and an exhibition of images of the West Midlands

Images of a vanished world

Latif Al Ani's beautifully framed photographs provide a moving, modern picture of Iraq

Martin Parr gets an all-access pass to Oxford

The photographer takes us on an idiosyncratic tour of Oxford University and introduces us to some of the remarkable individuals behind the scenes

What not to miss at the world’s leading photography festival

This year's Les Rencontres d'Arles ranges from Joel Meyerowitz's street photography to repurposed statues of Lenin in Ukraine

Irving Penn’s radical formalism

The Met emphasises the quantity and variety of Penn's photographs, but what really stands out is the unity of his vision

How Henri Cartier-Bresson bore witness to Gandhi’s death

The photographer met with Gandhi just hours before his assassination – and recorded an event that shook the world

Do UK museums take photography seriously?

The transfer of the Royal Photographic Society's collection from Bradford to London raises questions about the past, present and future of photography in museums

One photographer’s spiritual struggle in Jerusalem

In 1853 Auguste Salzmann went to Jerusalem to photograph religious sites. The results, on show at the Metropolitan Museum, are an insight into his own faith

‘If I could describe a photograph entirely in words, why bother making it?’

Dayanita Singh discusses her work and the pointlessness of taking 'beautiful' pictures ahead of an exhibition in London

One of the world’s oldest photography studios is closing down

The Bourne & Shepherd studio in Kolkata has a long history, but fire and the advent of the digital age have closed it down. Thankfully, its legacy lives on

Dreams caught on camera in New York

'Dream States' at the Metropolitan Museum of Art is a thought-provoking exhibition, and a great survey of some of the most influential modern photographers

Five photography shows to see in New York this week

There are some great, focused shows open at the moment, from office-block abstraction to a difficult look at the impact of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Baldessari, Burtynsky and a lot of David Bowie at Photo London

It's the variety and range of photographs on show that will ultimately come to define the fair

Photographing ‘vice’ on the Varna Road

Janet Mendelsohn's photographs at Ikon gallery capture the human face of Birmingham's most notorious district

Photography as a medium seems richer than ever

It's important that photography retains its social, human edge as we enter another turbulent year

Not even Stalin could snuff out the legacy of early Soviet photography and film

The Jewish Museum's exhibition reveals the importance of formal innovation to freedom of expression

In and Out of Vogue: Irving Penn’s Fashion and Art Photography

Penn’s interest in fashion permeates his work, but doesn't restrict it

Photo London preview

This is the week to see top photography in and of London – but don't confine yourself to the main fair at Somerset House

Gallery: ‘Revolution of the Eye’ at the Jewish Museum, New York

Can television be art? Warhol, Lichtenstein and Dalí certainly thought so

Gallery: ‘Colour Photography before the Great War’ at Martin-Gropius-Bau

A haunting series of photographs is about to go on show in Berlin

Gallery: ‘Lichtbilder’ at the Städel Museum

A few photographic highlights from 'Lichtbilder' at the Städel Museum in Frankfurt.

‘Consumption’: The Fifth Prix Pictet Shortlist

Eleven photographers have been shortlisted for this year's Prix Pictet on the theme of 'Consumption'

Gallery: Photographs at Play

We asked the curator of 'A Collective Invention' to select nine photographs from The Morgan's upcoming show

A Royal Passion: Queen Victoria and Photography

A selection of photographs from the Getty Center's latest exhibition

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