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Frank Hyder

June 26, 2023  by: Ryan Lutz

Mediums paint on wood or nylon, inflatable sculpture, bronze, fiberglass, drawing
Studio Wynwood area Miami
Gallery  Bill Lowe Gallery (Atlanta)
Recent Show Villa du Parc

Which artwork is the most personally meaningful to you?

FRANK HYDER3 Janus Series

FRANK HYDER3 Janus Series

The Janis series is my most personally meaningful work to date. These are a series of more than thirty inflatable sculptures, created here in Miami and shown globally. They bring together many of my lifetime interests, including the figure in Landscape, concepts of portability, and new frontiers of exhibiting art.

Which artwork makes you the most proud?

I am most proud of the manner I have found to grow my work through various media as well as the content of the work. My art conveys a ceremonial reverence for nature, and functions as reliquaries that facilitate emotional bonds to the natural world - a world that is often forgotten, ignored and abused.

FRANK HYDER fiberglass and light

FRANK HYDER fiberglass and light

How did you use materials to communicate your ideas?

My materials have changed from strictly paint to being more about color and light. I build forms using sticks or cloth and harden them, placing LEDs inside of the forms, allowing for luminosity. Through this, I create a mysterious, metaphysical reality of intense light and shade, where forms appear and dissolve, moving the viewer to dream with eyes open - to feel without touching, and to feel touched by the very experience of seeing.



Tell us about a recent commission?

Frank Hyder paint and wood

My work often begins as a vague notion and can evolve into an elaborate drama. I was asked to make a few large pieces for a show. This started as a gestural image with charcoal and ended as it looks here.

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Frank Hyder
Updated June 26, 2023  by Ryan Lutz