Design Miami 2022
by: Ryan Lutz
Updated 06/09/2023 

A Look Back at Design Miami / 2022 and our FAV Booths

Discover the epitome of "collectible design" at Design Miami, the exclusive fair dedicated to furniture, lighting, and jewelry. With a family background in upholstery fabric and furniture design, I found Design Miami to be a perfect fit. Immerse yourself in the highest levels of creativity showcased at the apex of current collectible design. In this reflection on Design Miami 2022, explore standout pieces like Katie Stout's 6-foot green lamp and J McDonald's table form.

As part of Miami Art Week 2022, I had the pleasure of attending four remarkable art fairs, including Art Basel Miami Beach, Untitled Art Fair, and NADA Miami. Stay tuned for a retrospective on these experiences. Don't miss the opportunity to explore the fairs section above to discover top rated art fairs and indulge in the world of exceptional design and art.

The Future Perfect | Robert Lugo | Katie Stout | Jolie Ngo | Rogan Gregory | Jeff Zimmerman | Gjertrud Hals | SCAD | Vincent Pocsik |  J McDonald | Lukas Gschwandtner | Lea Mestres | Kim Simonsson

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Galerie BSL

Galerie Maria Wettergren

Objects of Common Interest

The Future Perfect

Galerie Maria Wettergren

Galerie Maria Wettergren, established in 2010 by Maria Wettergren in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, Paris, is a contemporary Scandinavian design and art gallery. Specializing in unique and limited-edition works, the gallery represents influential Scandinavian artists like Mathias Bengtsson, Rasmus Fenhann, Gjertrud Hals, Ditte Hammerstrøm, Astrid Krogh, Grethe Sørensen, Ilkka Suppanen, and Tora Urup. These artists' groundbreaking pieces are featured in prestigious museum collections, including the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum in New York, and the Centre Pompidou in Paris.

Galerie Maria Wettergren is known for fostering interdisciplinary dialogues, blending high-tech materials and methods with the rich tradition of Scandinavian craftsmanship. Renowned for their creativity and innovation, the gallery has earned recognition through various accolades, including the prestigious Finn Juhl Prize in 2013.

Gjertrud Hals at Galerie Maria Wettergren

Renowned Norwegian artist Gjertrud Hals, born in 1962, is celebrated for her expansive knitted sculptures that intricately explore the interplay between light and shadow. Her distinctive work has graced solo and group exhibitions worldwide, featuring prominently in esteemed galleries like Galleri Brandstrup in Oslo and the Kunsthalle Nürnberg in Germany.

Hals draws inspiration from a diverse array of influences, including Asian art, architecture, and design. Recognized for its originality, her work challenges traditional sculptural norms, offering viewers fresh and immersive experiences.

Having studied at the Bergen Academy of Art and Design, Hals has left an indelible mark on the art world. Her creations are proudly housed in the collections of notable institutions such as Galleri Brandstrup, Kunsthalle Nürnberg, and the National Gallery of Norway.

Fendi joined forces with Austrian artist Lukas Gschwandtner to craft "Triclinium," a captivating project showcased at Design Miami 2022. This collaborative installation featured canvas sculptures inspired by female figures, elegantly presented within a private, curtained-off booth. Gschwandtner employed various materials, including canvas, pillows, and textiles, to bring these sculptures to life. The intent was to evoke a sense of privacy and intimacy, inviting visitors to explore the nuanced relationship between the female form and the domestic space.

Critics and attendees alike showered praise on the installation. The New York Times lauded its "playful and subversive" interpretation of the female figure, while Vogue hailed it as "a must-see for any design lover." The success of "Triclinium" stands as a testament to the fruitful collaboration between Fendi and Gschwandtner, solidifying its place as a standout highlight of Design Miami 2022.

R & Company Design Miami 2022

R & Company Design Miami 2022

R & Company

Discover the world of collectible design at R & Company, a distinguished design gallery located in the heart of New York City. Renowned for their fervor for both historic and contemporary design, R & Company proudly represents a diverse array of talented designers and artists. Their remarkable collection encompasses furniture, lighting, and decorative objects that not only defy conventional boundaries but also exemplify the pinnacle of creativity and craftsmanship.

Immerse yourself in the curated selection of unique and captivating design pieces by exploring R & Company's website. With a commitment to pushing the boundaries of design, R & Company invites you to experience the extraordinary in every piece they showcase.

Robert Lugo at R & Company

Roberto Lugo, a versatile and impactful multidisciplinary artist, employs ceramics, sculpture, and installation as powerful mediums to delve into issues of race, class, and social justice. Recognized for his innovative approach, Lugo infuses traditional Mexican folk art motifs and techniques into his creations, resulting in visually striking and politically charged works of art.

Lugo's oeuvre has garnered acclaim for its originality, potency, and its remarkable capacity to initiate vital conversations about race and social justice. As a rising star in the contemporary art scene, his work promises to be a focal point of exhibitions and discussions for years to come, leaving a lasting impact on the intersection of art and societal dialogue.

Robert Lugo, Street Shrines

In 2022, Roberto Lugo achieved a significant milestone with a solo exhibition at the Wolfsonian Museum in Miami, Florida. Titled "Street Shrines," the exhibition showcased a compelling series of ceramic sculptures that delved into the rich history of Miami's Black and Brown communities. This impactful display not only resonated critically but also found success on a commercial level, solidifying Lugo's position as an artist of note.

"Street Shrines" served as a platform to raise awareness not only about Lugo's distinctive artistic vision but also the profound societal issues he addresses through his work. The exhibition's critical and commercial success further underscored Lugo's ability to engage audiences and contribute meaningfully to conversations surrounding history, culture, and social dynamics.

Katie Stout at R & Company

Katie Stout, a 34-year-old American designer, is celebrated for her vibrant and whimsical creations in the realm of furniture and home objects. Her distinctive work, characterized by playfulness and bold colors, has found a place in solo and group exhibitions worldwide, with notable showcases at prestigious galleries such as R & Company in New York City, Nina Johnson Gallery in Miami, and Friedman Benda in Los Angeles. Adding to her acclaim, Stout's pieces have become part of esteemed collections at institutions like the Museum of Modern Art, the Whitney Museum of American Art, and the Brooklyn Museum.

Recent highlights in Stout's career include the exhibitions "Katie Stout: The Everyday Fantastic" at R & Company in New York City (2022) and "Katie Stout: The Pink Room" at Nina Johnson Gallery in Miami (2021). She collaborates with various galleries, including R & Company, Nina Johnson Gallery, Friedman Benda, and Salon 94 Design.

Influenced by a diverse range of sources such as cartoons, toys, and mid-century modern design, Stout's work stands out for its incorporation of bright colors, bold shapes, and playful patterns. Her designs have earned acclaim for their originality, humor, and the remarkable ability to infuse joy into the everyday.

Jolie Ngo at R & Company

Jolie Ngo, a 32-year-old Vietnamese-American designer, is a visionary creator of sculptural furniture and objects that intricately explore the intersection between form and function. Her distinctive work has earned a prominent place in solo and group exhibitions at renowned galleries worldwide, including R & Company in New York City, Friedman Benda in Los Angeles, and Perrotin in Paris. Notably, Ngo's pieces are showcased in the collections of esteemed institutions such as the Museum of Modern Art, the Whitney Museum of American Art, and the Brooklyn Museum.

Recent highlights in Ngo's career include exhibitions like "Jolie Ngo: New Work" at R & Company in New York City (2022) and "Jolie Ngo: The Future is Fluid" at Friedman Benda in Los Angeles (2021). Collaborating with various galleries, including R & Company, Friedman Benda, and Perrotin, Ngo has established herself as a versatile and influential force in the design world.

Influenced by a diverse range of sources, including Asian art, architecture, and design, Ngo's work is characterized by her innovative use of unconventional materials like resin, fiberglass, and rubber, along with bold and geometric forms. Praised for its originality, Ngo's work challenges traditional notions of furniture, offering users new and immersive experiences.

Rogan Gregory at R & Company

Rogan Gregory, a 42-year-old designer, crafts whimsical furniture and objects that radiate joy and are certain to bring a smile to your face. His creations have found a spotlight in solo and group exhibitions globally, prominently at R & Company in New York City. Gregory is lauded for his originality, humor, and the remarkable ability to infuse everyday life with a sense of joy.

Recent highlights in Gregory's career include exhibitions like "Rogan Gregory: The Everyday Fantastic" at R & Company in New York City (2022) and "Rogan Gregory: The Pink Room" at Nina Johnson Gallery in Miami (2021).

For those seeking collectible design that seamlessly balances playfulness and sophistication, Rogan Gregory is an excellent choice. His work promises to introduce a touch of fun and whimsy to any living space, making it an enchanting addition to your home.

R & Company Design Miami 2022

R & Company Design Miami 2022

Jeff Zimmerman at R & Company

Zimmerman, a skilled glassblower, honed his craft at the Rhode Island School of Design and the Pilchuck Glass School. Influenced by the forces of nature, Japanese culture, and the artistic expressions of fellow glassblower Dale Chihuly, Zimmerman has established himself as a noteworthy artist. His exceptional work is proudly held in the esteemed collections of institutions such as the Museum of Modern Art, the Whitney Museum of American Art, and the Corning Museum of Glass.

Zimmerman's artistry has been showcased in solo and group exhibitions spanning the globe, including venues like R & Company in New York City and the Invisible Collection in London. He is commended for his originality, meticulous craftsmanship, and the unique ability to capture the inherent beauty of nature within his creations.


Objective Gallery

Objective Gallery At Design Miami 2022

Vincent Pocsik at Objective Gallery

Vincent Pocsik, based in Los Angeles, is an artist known for his sculptures and installations that delve into the intricate interplay between the imperceptible emotions of human life and the tangible interactions between individuals and their surroundings. Pocsik's chosen medium is primarily wood, a material he sees as embodying essential truths about the world. Through his artistic endeavors, Pocsik navigates the boundaries between the unseen realms of our emotions and the visible connections that shape our relationship with the environment.

Objective Gallery At Design Miami 2022

J McDonald at Objective Gallery

J McDonald, a designer based in Brooklyn, crafts furniture and objects that intricately probe the connection between humanity and nature. Influenced by his experiences in West Africa, where he witnessed the captivating beauty and formidable force of nature, McDonald translates these impressions into his creations.

Among his notable works is the Cube Variations series, a striking collection made from polished brass. Over time, these pieces undergo erosion, revealing an intricate internal structure that adds to their unique appeal.

McDonald's design ethos is characterized by simplicity and minimalism, yet it exudes an earthy, durable, and vibrant quality. His creations, reflective of the enduring relationship between humans and the natural world, embody a harmonious balance of form and function.

Mestres delves into the complexities of the body as a realm experiencing both pleasure and pain. Her sculptures frequently portray distorted or fragmented bodies, serving as a means to investigate how social and cultural influences shape the human form.

Additionally, Mestres explores the interplay between the body and space. Her installations purposefully craft disorienting and immersive environments, challenging viewers' perceptions of spatial reality.

Playfulness is a hallmark of Mestres' work, marked by a subversive and humorous tone. Through irony and humor, she confronts and challenges traditional ideas of art and beauty, injecting a dynamic and unconventional spirit into her artistic expressions.

Renowned sculptor Kim Simonsson, based in Fiskars, crafts enchanting life-sized figures of children and animals using ceramics covered with moss. Immersed in the inspiration drawn from the mystical forests of Finland, Simonsson's creations transport viewers into a fairytale-like realm.

Simonsson employs a distinctive technique, utilizing stoneware, paint, and green nylon fiber to achieve a smooth, mossy appearance on the figures. Each sculpture is meticulously handmade in Simonsson's studio in Fiskars Village, showcasing the artist's dedication to his craft. Notably, these captivating works earned recognition as one of Artnet's "Nine Fascinating Objects" at the 2016 Design Miami event, further highlighting the unique and captivating nature of Simonsson's artistry.


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