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06/03/2023  by: Ryan Lutz

Use the blue links (above) to quickly navigate.   There are 3 sections on this ART NEWS page while empowers you to view the exact news you are looking for.  

1.  Todays Art News section - The Top Art News Publishers and their most recent posts.
2.  City News - Curated news by city with local press, Youtube channels and more
3. New Posts - Posts we have written on the art events we love

City News

New Posts

Publisher overviews

  • Artsy: Artsy is an online platform that connects collectors, galleries, and artists. It offers a wide range of artworks for sale and provides educational resources for art enthusiasts.

  • ARTFORUM: ARTFORUM is a renowned art publication known for its critical analysis, reviews, and discussions on contemporary art, covering various art forms and global art scenes. It serves as a valuable resource for artists, curators, and art professionals.

  • JUXTAPOZ: JUXTAPOZ focuses on the underground and alternative art scene, featuring emerging artists, street art, graffiti, and lowbrow art. It showcases unique and unconventional artistic expressions and provides a platform for cutting-edge creativity.

  • HYPERALLERGIC: HYPERALLERGIC is a respected art publication that combines art, culture, and critical commentary. It offers in-depth articles and essays on contemporary art and cultural issues, catering to a diverse audience of art enthusiasts and professionals.

  • ARTnews: ARTnews is a leading art magazine providing comprehensive coverage of the art world, including news, features, artist profiles, and market insights. It has been a trusted source of information for artists, collectors, and industry professionals for decades.

  • HypeArt: HypeArt showcases exciting and trending artworks from contemporary artists worldwide. It aims to promote innovative and captivating art forms, connecting artists with a broad audience of art lovers and collectors.

  • Art Newspaper: Art Newspaper is a well-established publication reporting on art-related news, exhibitions, and market trends. It provides timely and accurate information for art professionals, collectors, and enthusiasts.

  • WHITEHOT: WHITEHOT features contemporary art, interviews, reviews, and essays that explore different art practices and cultural movements. It presents a diverse range of artistic perspectives and fosters critical discourse.

  • MutualArt: MutualArt offers comprehensive coverage of the art market, including auction results, artist profiles, and exhibition highlights. It provides valuable insights for collectors, investors, and art professionals.

  • Aperture: Aperture is a renowned photography magazine showcasing exceptional works by established and emerging photographers. It explores various genres, techniques, and concepts, contributing to the understanding and appreciation of photography.

  • Aesthetica: Aesthetica covers contemporary art, photography, and cultural trends through its print magazine and digital platforms. It features thought-provoking articles, artist profiles, and exhibition reviews, promoting artistic exploration and dialogue.

  • BURNAWAY: BURNAWAY focuses on contemporary art and culture in the American South, highlighting regional artists, exhibitions, and critical discourse. It provides a platform for showcasing diverse artistic voices and perspectives.

  • Art-Insider: Art-Insider offers insider perspectives on the art world, featuring interviews, profiles, and behind-the-scenes insights. It provides unique and engaging content for art enthusiasts and those curious about the art industry.

  • ARTEFUSE: ARTEFUSE showcases contemporary art exhibitions, reviews, and artist interviews,

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