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Gonzalo Hernandez

June 26, 2023  by: Ryan Lutz

Mediums Painting, textiles, video & installation  
Studio Bakehouse Art Complex
Recent Show Laundromat Art Space, Almost There
Galleries Kates- Ferri projects NYC, Vigil Gonzales, La Galeria Rebelde 

Which artwork is the most personally meaningful to you?

Most of my work is deeply personal, and I usually use myself as a medium or concepts. The use of self portrait is usually part of my practice. If i have to pick a piece that is the most personally meaningful to me it will be this self portrait / ID school photos. Is a piece that I always go back and look, is a simple gesture but portraits a lot of things to me.

Fotos Carnet

Do you have a particular studio ritual that gets you in the headspace to create?

I actually do have a particular ritual, not specifically to get in the studio but I do create a self portrait before starting any piece. Is almost for me part of my process, where i'm standing. Is kind of sweeping the studio or organizing, for me is make a self portrait, after that I actually start making the work for a specific project. I don't usually used that piece as a project, but is part of my process. They're usually a charcoal drawing. 

Gonzalo Hernandez at BACFL

Gonzalo Hernandez at BACFL

Do you have a piece that you made during a rough patch in your life?

Yes, after finishing my degree from Scad I got schedule a museum show. I created an image while we got Covid and also thinking on the time that was coming. I ended up not using that image for the museum show but I recently use that piece in a recent solo show I did couple of months ago in Peru. 

Untitled (Kneel)

Upload the last photo on your phone and tell us about it.

My last photo is a piece that I'm currently working for a commission for Design Miami. It is a creating of a design for tiles that will be show at Design Miami this end of the year. Its something new that I never really worked with but its a cool piece that I'm excited to share hopefully soon!


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Gonzalo Hernandez
Updated June 26, 2023  by Ryan Lutz