2023 10 Nominees For Florida Prize In Contemporary Art

The 10 Nominees for Florida Prize in Contemporary Art 2023

 Updated 09/09/2023  by:Ryan Lutz

Cara Despain | Magnus Sodamin | Denise Treizman | Peggy Levison Nolan | Amy Schissel | Reginald Oneal | Yosnier Miranda | Akiko Kotani | Elliot & Erick Jimnez

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We are taking a look at the 2023 nominees for Florida Prize in Contemporary Art.  Click the link to the right for Google Map Link, Dates, and other details for Florida Prize in Contemporary art exhibition at The Orlando Museum of Art.  

Reginald O'neal

Reginald Oneal's artwork is characterized by nuanced colors and impactful use of black and gray tones.  Reginald's use of shading within the pastel tones are what I personally find evocative.  He has a masterful artistic hand in color palettes that prove difficult for most artists.   His pieces evoke a sense of intimacy and familiarity with the subjects, which resonates strongly with viewers. Interestingly, this intimacy extends to the viewer, as if experiencing the art through Reginald's perspective.

Oneal's work is truly remarkable, showcasing both phenomenal skill and a distinct artistic vision. I eagerly anticipate future creations from him. Notably, his artwork has been exhibited at prestigious venues such as the Frost Art Museum and Spinello Projects.

Cara Despain

If you saw Cara Despain's recent exhibition at Bass Museum Miami, you know she is a highly skilled visual artist.   Raised in Salt lake city and now Miami based, Despain is multidisciplinary artist working in film, video, sound, sculpture, photography, and installation.  Themes woven through the work are land use, climate change, and human impact on ecosystems and the complex challenges of our time.

Education: Despain's artistic foundation was built through her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Utah in 1999. She further honed her skills and expanded her artistic vision with a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Miami in 2004.

Specter Bass Museum (2022)

Despain exhibitions

Despain's thought-provoking artworks have been featured in solo and group exhibitions at prestigious galleries and museums worldwide. Notable recent exhibitions include "Specter" at The Bass Museum in Miami, Florida (2022), which was staggering visually and conceptually challenging.   The exhibition bringing to the surface the ubiquitous threats that surround us inspired by her upbringing near nuclear facilities in Nevada.  The work being output at the time of the Ukraine Invasion by Russia evoked a juxtposition of the latent threats versus immeadiate threats such as Ukraine continues to face.     Click here to view a BLOG about SPECTER.  

"Plastocene Swimwear" at the Aspen Ideas Festival in Aspen, Colorado (2022) and "#FAIL" was at the Contemporary Art Center New Orleans in Louisiana (2021). Through her exhibitions, Despain invites viewers to engage with the pressing socio-environmental challenges of our era.

Awards and Grants:Despain's the recipient of notable awards and grants, including the Harpo Foundation Award for Carbon Paintings (2021), the Joan Mitchell Foundation Painters and Sculptors Grant (2019), and the Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant (2017).

Collections: The Bass Museum, Miami, Florida, The Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami, Florida, The Pérez Art Museum Miami, Florida, and The Whitney Museum of American Art, New York City. Her contributions to contemporary art are valued and celebrated by renowned institutions.

Cara Despain's practice sheds light on urgent environmental concerns and provoke meaningful dialogue. Through her evocative installations, sculptures, and other mediums, Despain invites viewers to reflect on their relationship with the natural world and consider the consequences of human actions.  We are all extremely excited to see what is unveiled at the Orlando Museum of Art during the Florida Prize 2023

Magnus Sodamin: Capturing the Wild Beauty of Nature through Art


Magnus Sodamin stands out for his captivating portrayal of landscapes and his unique ability to evoke a sense of wonder through his creations. Based in Miami, Sodamin has garnered attention for his awe-inspiring works celebrating the magnificence of our Florida's Mangroves.

Sodamin's art is a vibrant exploration of Florida landscapes with bold brushstrokes and an exuberant use of color, transporting viewers to an energetic environments filled with movement and vitality.

Wild Altars

Magnus Sodamin's artworks evoke a sense of reverence and awe through their connection to nature's sacredness. His installations, particularly the "Wild Altars" series, blur the boundaries between art and the environment, creating immersive experiences. These larger-than-life works abstract the colors and textures of the natural world, capturing the interplay of light and wetlands. Sodamin's artistic journeys allow him to explore the profound power of nature and connect with his inner self.

Magnus Sodamin - Wild Altar

Magnus Sodamin's exhibition "Wild Altar" honors wildlife and their habitats, capturing their essence through tufted tapestry sculptures and vibrant paintings. Watch this video and learn more

YouTube video


Magnus Sodamin's artwork has been showcased at PRIMARY, a contemporary art gallery in Miami known for promoting innovative and cutting-edge artists. Born in NYC and trained at New World School of Art in Miami earning his BFA, Magnus now resides in Miami now and recent partnerships include at Windstar cruise.

As Sodamin continues to push artistic boundaries, his work serves as a reminder of the boundless beauty that surrounds us. With each brushstroke and bold color choice, he captures the essence of our landscape and presents it to us in a mesmerizing and uplifting way. Magnus work is inviting Floridians to pause and reconnect with the surroundings we all too often take for granted.  And for those outside of Florida too because there is always space for optimisim and t inspiration in our remarkable world.

Denise Treizman

Denise Treizman is a visual artist whose work transcends boundaries, blending art, architecture, and design. Her installations and sculptures challenge conventional space, encouraging viewers to reimagine their surroundings. Notably, her "Inflatable Sculptures" series creates interactive and playful experiences, reshaping our perception of the built environment. Treizman's meticulous attention to detail and multidisciplinary approach result in visually stunning artworks. Exhibited in prestigious galleries, her innovative creations captivate audiences worldwide. Alongside her artistic practice, Treizman is a dedicated educator, inspiring others to embrace the transformative power of art. Discover Denise Treizman's empowering and boundary-pushing art at denisetreizman.com.

Peggy Levison Nolan

Born in 1944 and having raised 7 kids in the Miami area, Peggy Levison Nolan is Bona fide native South Floridian.  To be more specific, a native of Miami a cultural hub with a cultural fabric crafted by artists like Peggy.

Im excited to Experience the vibrant and captivating world of Peggy Levison Nolan's art at Orlando Museum in June.  With her unique blend of photography, painting, and collage, Nolan creates visually stunning works that evoke joy and curiosity. Her art explores themes of identity, memory, and the human experience, inviting viewers on a journey of self-reflection. Peggy Levison Nolan's innovative approach has garnered recognition and her artworks have been exhibited in prestigious galleries and institutions. Discover the transformative power of her art and immerse yourself in a world of color and imagination. Explore Peggy Levison Nolan's captivating artworks at the Frost Art Museum's exhibition.

Amy Schissel

Discover the captivating world of Amy Schissel's artistry. With a vibrant palette and a unique blend of mixed media techniques, Schissel's artworks exude energy and optimism. Her art explores themes of nature, spirituality, and personal growth, inviting viewers to contemplate the beauty and interconnectedness of the world around us. Amy Schissel's innovative approach has garnered acclaim, and her artworks have been featured in various exhibitions and galleries. Immerse yourself in the transformative power of her art and experience the joy and inspiration it brings. Explore Amy Schissel's captivating artworks on her official website and let your imagination soar.

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The 10 Nominees for Florida Prize in Contemporary Art 2023
Updated September 9, 2023  by Ryan Lutz