Favorite Works From Art Basel 2022_
by: Ryan Lutz
Updated 06/09/2023 

A Look Back at ABMB 2022 and Our FAV Booths

Discover the highlights from Art Basel Miami 2022, the largest fair in terms of square footage during Miami Art Week. I've curated these artworks, organized by my favorite booths and various categories such as Metallic and Colorful pieces. While Untitled Art Fair and Nada Miami also showcased exceptional works, the sheer volume of Art Basel Miami makes it an essential experience during Art Week in Miami.

I've captured photos and interviews, offering you a clear insight into the diverse and impressive world of contemporary art featured at these renowned fairs. I hope you enjoy this curated selection from Miami Art Week 2022.

David Castillo | Casa Triângulo | Pippy Houldsworth| | Barro | SNITZER | PPOW | Nicodim | Marianne Boesky | Max Hetzler | Lisson | Paula Cooper | lehmann maupin | Gagosian | Jeffrey Deitch | Gladstone Latoya

Rele Gallery

Cristin Tierney

Gladstone Gallery

Pt 1 Thomas Erben

Pt 2 Thomas Erben

Snitzer Gallery

Kavi Gupta

Larry Li @ Residency Gallery

Jewel Ham @Jeffrey Deitch

Bob Rauschenberg's Fabricator on Urban Bourbon

Snitzer Gallery

This painting, with corbettvsdempsey at Miami Basel, booth C13
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Pieces which are metallic OR they read strongly as gold, silver, copper.  


These are works that are meaningful and impactful and not fitting into the aforementioned categories.  Wood sculpture, fiber, assemblage, etc.


Yes, the human attraction to color can indeed be traced back to evolutionary mechanisms. One prominent theory suggests that our affinity for color, particularly bright and vivid hues, is rooted in our ancestors' need to identify ripe and edible fruits and vegetables. In the natural environment, the ability to discern vibrant colors would have been advantageous for survival, as it signaled the readiness of food sources.

In the context of art and aesthetics, color remains a powerful and defining aspect of visual experiences. Artists often leverage iridescence, illumination, and bright colors to capture attention and evoke emotional responses. Exciting color combinations can further enhance the visual appeal of a piece, drawing viewers in and creating a memorable and engaging experience. This connection between our evolutionary history and our aesthetic preferences highlights the profound impact that color has on our perception and appreciation of the world around us.

Thomas Erben Gallery 

Thomas Erben's booth at Art Basel Miami Beach stands as a retrospective, offering a glimpse into the gallery's dynamic vision over the past 25 years. The exhibition presents works by various artists, each contributing to the gallery's diverse artistic positions.

Among the featured artists are:
1. Adrian Piper: A conceptual artist renowned for her insightful explorations of race, gender, and identity.
2. Senga Nengudi: A performance artist and sculptor who delves into the intersections of the body and space.
3. Mike Cloud: A painter who employs quilting and collage techniques to craft abstract works.
4. Dona Nelson: A painter who ventures into the realms of color, form, and texture in her artistic exploration.
5. Harriet Korman: A painter who utilizes crayon and gesso to create captivating abstract paintings.

This collective showcase underscores Thomas Erben Gallery's commitment to representing a wide spectrum of artistic voices and perspectives throughout its significant artistic journey.

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Shinji Nanzuka, a distinguished Japanese art dealer, has been a key figure in elevating Japanese art on the global stage. His impact is particularly notable for his role in championing young artists who push creative boundaries. In 1991, Nanzuka founded his first gallery in Tokyo, a pivotal initiative that helped revitalize the presence of Japanese art in the international art scene. His unwavering commitment to supporting creativity and innovation has positioned him as an inspiring figure for aspiring artists, contributing significantly to the promotion and recognition of Japanese contemporary art on a global scale.

Vaughn Spann @ David Castillo 

Contemporary art enthusiasts should not overlook Vaughn Spann's work, which, in my opinion, places him among the top 5 contemporary artists. I picture Vaughn Spann's art gracing the walls of Bobby Axelrod's opulent Hamptons home from the TV show Billions— that's the level of artistic allure we're talking about. Spann's minimalistic, colorful, and impactful style is both accessible and profound.

In a realm where consistent excellence is uncommon, Spann stands out as an exception. As a self-taught artist, he consistently produces high-quality pieces that explore themes giving voice to traditionally marginalized individuals. Anticipation surrounds his future bodies of work, with excitement building to see if he can maintain his exceptional artistic excellence.

Kavi Gupta Gallery

Jeffrey Deitch Goddesses at ABMB

Artists: Chinaza Agbor | Isabelle Albuquerque | Bisa Butler | Vanessa Beecroft | Judy Chicago | Nadia Lee Cohen | Veronica Fernandez | Shyama Golden | Genevieve Gaignard | Jewel Ham | Kezia Harrell | Ariana Papademetropolous | Francis Picabia | Su Su | Swoon | Alix Vernet | Nadia Waheed | Rikki Wright | Kennedy Yanko

ABMB images


Art Basel Miami BeachMiami Beach Convention Center, 1901 Convention Ctr Dr, Miami Beach, FL 3313908DECAll Day

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A Look Back At ABMB 2022
Updated November 17, 2023  by Ryan Lutz