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 Welcome, Im Southwest Florida artist Ryan Eddy Lutz- producing photography, transfer drawings, and other mixed media art.  After the 2019 death of my partner, I took her art supplies, and began creating.

Growing up in the upholstery industry in Hickory, North Carolina, I gained an appreciation of good color.  Boring commercial color dominates the furniture industry, as well as much fine art .  My works are first and foremost a study of color, and harnessing the power of color for large impactful pieces.  
Creating art has been a therapeutic adventure.  I hope you enjoy looking around.

Ryan lutz Influences 

Much in the spirit of Paul Gauguin, or Bob Rauschenberg, I Incorporate transfer drawings  into my works.  These works are 100% unique. Many transfer drawings have added watercolor, chalk pastels, graphite, etc added.  

My works are in the spirit of the colorfield movement where the overall impact is in the color of the piece.  Though, I do use imagery, which is not typically seen in color field works.  

Top 3 art influences 

1.  Paul Delaroche (La Jeune Martyre) Young Martyr.  This piece  left a  heavy impact,  which I could and can not articulate.   
2.  Robert Rauschenberg (Captiva, Florida) His busy style and color mastery was groundbreaking.  
3. Kristine Moore. my former partner, and jewelry designer who taught me balance/imbalance.

Ryan Lutz Mediums

1.  Rembrandt Watercolor, Golden acrylic, chalk pastels, dyes, varnishes.  
2.  Photography from travel and life(Rome, Madrid, Buenos Aires, Florence, San Miguel de Allende, Sevilla, Venice, etc).
3.  Transfer Drawings- Printed photography and gel medium transfers lend the distressed look you will see in my works. 

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