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05/19/2023  by: Ryan Lutz

Aperture Magazine is the #10 art news publisher who focuses on photography. Established in 1952, Aperture is a renowned photography magazine showcasing exceptional works by established and emerging photographers. Its home office is located in New York City, USA.

Aperture is a non profit and their coverage is New York and US based artists from marginalized communities.  Aperture covers exhibitions, books, and emerging artists offering a critical voice in the photography.  Aperture is a personal favorite which I find substantive.  Check out the recent articles from Aperture below.  

The Photographic Traces of Luc Tuymans’s Ghostly Paintings

How the Belgian artist models his work on photographs and film stills to evoke history and trigger memories.

- Aperture - aperturewp
Gregory Crewdson Releases a Limited-Edition Photograph to Benefit the Triplex Movie Theater

Gregory Crewdson and Lauren Ambrose are among the Berkshires residents who are actively trying to save a local movie house. Here, they speak about cinematic pictures, art in the Berkshires,…

- Aperture - aperturewp
A Photographer Captures the Vitality of Life in Brazil

In her images of Salvador and its residents, Laryssa Machada engages with issues of race, territoriality, visibility, and memory.

- Aperture - aperturewp
Will a Retrospective Revive Interest in Darrel Ellis’s Experimental Images?

Before he died in the early 1990s, the Bronx-born artist used family pictures throughout his singular work in photography, drawing, and painting.

- Aperture - aperturewp
Eikoh Hosoe’s Mythic Worlds

In his collaborations with influential literary figures and performers, Hosoe created surreal scenes that invoke the fantastic.

- Aperture - aperturewp
A Festival in Kyoto Dazzles with Photography and Architecture

Kyotographie is distinct among photo festivals for its clever site-specific exhibitions in many of the city's stunning locations.

- Aperture - aperturewp
Vân-Nhi Nguyen’s Bold Perspective on the Lives of Young People in Vietnam

Winner of the 2023 Aperture Portfolio Prize, Nguyen casts an intimate gaze upon a generation confronting historical stereotypes.

- Aperture - aperturewp
A Photographer’s Final Collaboration with His Father

In 2019, Brian Lau traveled to Ho Chi Minh City to document the last months of his father's life, creating a moving meditation on family and grief.

- Aperture - Cassidy Paul
Samantha Box’s Pictures of Dreams and Diaspora

The photographer's multilayered still lifes interrogate the trade routes between Africa, the Caribbean, and the US—and show how memory emerges through the senses.

- Aperture - Brendan Embser
How a Young Chinese Photographer Subverts Traditional Gender Roles

Ziyu Wang's playful portraits parody the social expectations of masculinity and what a "man" should look like.

- Aperture - aperturewp
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Aperture News
Updated May 19, 2023  by Ryan Lutz
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