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2021sun21novAll Day2023sun13aug(All Day) As long as there is sun, as long as there is light | Ringling Museum

2022sun04sepAll Day2023sun05feb(All Day) Steven and William Ladd : Lead With A Laugh

2023thu02febAll Daysat11mar(All Day) ANNUAL JURIED MEMBERS EXHIBITION | Art Center Sarasota


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Welcome to and our 2022 Sarasota art galleries guide.  This guide features the best art gallery and museum in Sarasota and Venice Florida.  .  

"Best" art galleries ranking is derived using XS influence score.  This score is based on Instagram, Google, and 5 other factors.  This allows you to quickly identify the best Sarasota art  exhibitions at various galleries and museums.   The highest ranking museums and galleries will generally have the best contemporary art.  When necessary, we indicate lesser quality and tourist galleries which do not pass our curation board, when applicable.  

2022 Sarasota Art

Sarasota ART FAQ

The best Sarasota Art galleries and Museums?

Sarasota Art Museum, John Ringling Museum, Basch Gallery Ringling College

What are the best Venice, FL art galleries?

Clyde Butcher, Collectors Gallery, Venice Art Center INC.

Sarasota art exhibition archive


2021fri21mayAll Day2022tue03(All Day) Ya Levy La’ford | Ringling Museum


2021sat27novAll Day2022sun08may(All Day) Danner Washburn | Effigy : Hemric

2021sat27novAll Day2022sun08may(All Day) Xaviera Simmons | Sarasota Art Museum Exhibition

2021sat27novAll Day2022sun08may(All Day) Felix Gonzalez-Torres | Sarasota


2022sat08janAll Dayfri15apr(All Day) Basch gallery ringling college | 01/08/22 - 04/15/22 | ARALLEL VISIONS | TOM PEGGY ROOT | Sarasota


2022fri18febAll Daysun21aug(All Day) John Ringling Museum | Eleanor Merritt


2022sat05marAll Daysun28aug(All Day) Rethinking Photography from the 21st Century | Metadata | Ringling Museum

2022sat19marAll Daysun25sep(All Day) John Ringling Museum | 03/19/22 - 09/25/22 | Deco & Desire in Japan's Jazz Age | Ballroom Florida | Sarasota


2022fri01aprAll Dayfri06may(All Day) Pulse | JUDE ZAWAIDEH | Basch Gallery

2022sat02aprAll Daysun25sep(All Day) John Ringling Museum | 04/02/22 - 09/25/22 | | The Marvellous Marbling of Matsui Kōsei | Sarasota

2022sat02aprAll Daysun07aug(All Day) Las Tres Marías | Daniel Lind-Ramos

2022mon11aprAll Dayfri15(All Day) Basch gallery ringling college | 04/11/22 - 04/15/22 | VANISHING POINT | Alexi Johnstone Autumn Sinor and Samuel del Corral | Sarasota

2022fri15aprAll Daysat07may(All Day) SPAACES (exhibit) | 04/15/22 - 05/07/22 | The Queue: Beyond The Surface | Nneka Jones | Sarasota

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2022mon02mayAll Daysat11jun(All Day) SPAACES (exhibit) | 05/02/22 - 06/11/22 | “Ah Who Run Dis” A Solo Exhibit | Krystle Lemonias | Sarasota

2022tue10mayAll Daysat21(All Day) Sarasota County Schools Exhibition | Group

2022sat14mayAll Daysun23oct(All Day) John Ringling Museum | The world is just so small, now

2022sun22mayAll Daysun02oct(All Day) Katrina Coombs | Sarasota Art Museum Exhibition


2022thu02junAll Daythu06oct(All Day) Faces and Places | Art Center Sarasota | Juried

2022fri03junAll Dayfri12aug(All Day) VALETTA | Basch Gallery

2022fri03junAll Dayfri24(All Day) WOMEN CONTEMPORARY ARTISTS | Basch Gallery


2022thu01sepAll Dayfri30(All Day) POP! | Art Center Sarasota | Juried

2022sun04sepAll Day2023sun05feb(All Day) Steven and William Ladd : Lead With A Laugh


2022thu20octAll Daysat26nov(All Day) The Figure | Art Center Sarasota | Juried


2022thu08decAll Day2023sat21jan(All Day) Black and White | Art Center Sarasota | Juried