May 2023

Frieze New York

Frieze New York

Frieze New York


17 (Wednesday) 9:36 pm - 21 (Sunday) 9:36 pm

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At The Shed in Manhattan with (much smaller than prior years of Frieze) 65 galleries and world-leading galleries and influential artists:Liam Gillick, Charles Gaines and Mai-Thu Perret.

Pioneering Female Artists too: Louise Bourgeois, Nancy Grossman and Joan Snyder. Other important women artists being shown include Latifa Echakhch, Huma Bhabha, Mary Lovelace O’Neal and Kapwani Kiwanga.

The Frame section for galleries operating ten years or less with solo presentations from significant artists.


Application for Frieze NYC | NEWSLETTER SIGNUP | Exhibition Reviews


Wednesday Preview, May 17 (invitation only): 11am – 7pm 
Thursday Preview, May 18: 11am – 7pm
Friday Preview, May 19: 11am – 7pm
Saturday, May 20: 11am – 7pm
Sunday, May 21: 11am – 5pm 

Frieze New York Video Tour

Excellent 10 minute video tour at Frieze New York in 2022. Take some time and enjoy this Frieze art fair tour from 2022