The problem(s)

Physical galleries are great, but many do not drive enough revenue and consistent sales  Online galleries (ie. Saatchiart) are saturated.  Too many artists, and too few quality collectors.

A website is cheap and easy, but attracting(and converting) high quality collectors is near impossible for an independent artist.   Even if you had billions of dollars fo advertising, its a losing battle.  

January  2021: a group friends from reddit  turned the tables on the stock market, draining 50 billion from various hedge funds.  They did this with teamwork, and a good plan.  And fine  Art value is EXACTLY like the stock market.  

  • Stock and Art has no objective and measurable value
  • Stock and art is worth what people are wiling to pay
  • The only way to increase price, is to increase demand/qualified collectors

This is one of the many roadblocks leading artists to burnout, and frustration.  
The solution- Let us take care of the heavy lifting. is designed to be your marketing, customer service, and product delivery hub.  So you can stop wasting time on technology, sales, and customer services problems.      And instead, focus on the important things.  


  • Double your revenue-  Premium prints on European rag can double your revenue because 74% of fine art buyers purchase prints.  
  • Double your revenue-   Earn a REFERRAL COMMISSION on the sale of ANY works in the gallery.  *Stop referring people to your online art galleries where they take your traffic, and do not pay a commission   
  • Increase conversion-  ONLINE Fine art collectors want 4 things. To confirm quality, 60 day return policy,  simplification of shipping,  excellent customer service.  WE do all that for you.  
  • Google- SEO is changing monthly. Let us get you setup properly with Google Shopping, Google images, and Google Search Engine and BING search Engine
  • FREEDOM-  NO contracts with our gallery.   Not happy, walk away.
  • Content.  Content, Content, Content.   ITs king.  We got you. 

The important things
1.  You can focus on Creating art
2.  Creating relationships on and offline 
3.  Scaling your business

Commission structure.  

Original Art -  70% commission to Artist
Prints-   Split profit with artist

    My name is Dr Ryan lutz, and Im excited to share some basic marketing concepts.  Im an award winning chiropractor, however, my full time focus and training is building online business.  Grab a pen, take notes.   I promise this info will make you re-think your marketing approach.  Click below to proceed

    dr ryan eddy lutz in art gallery