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Nov 27 – Dec 04, 2022

Miami Art Week 2022

Art Fair guides for Miami Art Week 2022, aka Miami Art Basel, aka ABMB.  Discover Miami Art Week events created by Miami artists so you can discover the best art fairs.   Untitled Art Fair, Scope Art Fair, and Art Basel Miami Beach.  Below you will also find details for Miami art fairs such as NADA Art Fair, Art Miami, and Prizim Art Fair

Click the "Maps" image for detailed Miami Art Week Map 2022.   This will take you to the bottom of this page.    There is a second map with all Miami art exhibiting locations(museums, galleries, studios, etc).  
November 29 - December 4, 2022.

Miami Beach Art Fairs

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Logo Art Basel Miami Beach

Art Basel Miami Beach

ABMB Dates & Times

Nov 29 - 30, 2022 (Private Days)
Dec 1 - 3, 2022 11-7pm (Public)


Day Ticket $65
Permanent Ticket $105
Students, Seniors $50
Evening (after 5pm) $50
Miami Beach Resident $50
Art Basel Miami Beach draws thousands of art dealers, artists, collectors and art lovers to Miami Convention Center on Miami Beach in December.
Art Basel is a singular fair held at the Miami Beach Convention Center.  People also refer to this singular art fair as ABMB.
However there are OTHER art fairs throughout Miami and Miami Beach which people collectively refer to as "Art Basel" and "Miami Art Basel."   And people also refer to the parties and nightlife during that week as "Art Basel."

At night, scores of parties where one can experience Miami's culture and visual art scene.   ABMB 2022 events |  ABMB 2022 Exhibitors  |  @ArtBasel #artbasel  #artbaselmiamibeach
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Miami welcomes the 11th edition of Untitled Art Fair during Miami Art Week, aka "Art Basel Miami Beach", ABMB.   Founded by Jeff Lawson, Untitled Art Fair is an innovative and inclusive platform balancing intellectual integrity and experimentation.  @untitledartfair #untitledartfair #untitledart202

2022 Untitled Art Fair Miami

Miami Beach
Nov 29 - Dec 3, 2022
Ocean Drive & 12th Street,
Miami Beach

General Admission: $40

Days Times

Tuesday, Nov 29, 11-7pm
Wednesday, Nov 30, 11 - 7pm
Thursday, Dec 1, 11- 7pm
Friday, Dec  2, 11  - 7pm
Saturday, Dec  3, 11 - 7pm

2022 Untitled Art Exhibitors

2022 Untitled Art Miami Exhibitors

1969 Gallery (New York, NY)
31 PROJECT (Paris, France)
50 Golborne (London, UK)
Addis Fine Art (London, UK / Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)
albertz benda (New York, NY)
Allouche Benias (Athens, Greece)
Anna Erickson Presents (Nashville, TN)
Aperture (New York, NY)
Asya Geisberg Gallery (New York, NY)
Arts of Life/Circle Contemporary (Chicago, IL)
Artnueve (Murcia, Spain)
Badr El Jundi (Madrid, Spain)
Benrubi Gallery (New York, NY)
Bienvenu Steinberg & J (New York, NY)
Bill Arning Exhibitions (Houston, TX / Kinderhook, NY)
bitforms gallery (New York, NY / San Francisco, CA)
Bode Projects (Berlin, Germany)
C O U N T Y (Palm Beach, FL)
CARL KOSTYÁL GALLERY (London, UK / Stockholm, Sweden / Milan, Italy)
CARVALHO PARK (Brooklyn, NY) Casa Hoffmann (Bogotá, Colombia)
Casemore Gallery (San Francisco, CA)
Cindy Rucker Gallery (New York, NY)
Cirrus Gallery & Cirrus Editions Ltd. (Los Angeles, CA)
Cob Gallery (London, UK)
COHJU contemporary art (Kyoto, Japan)
Colector (Monterrey, Mexico)
DANIELA ELBAHARA (Mexico City, Mexico)
Davidson Gallery (New York, NY)
De Buck Gallery (New York, NY / Saint Paul De Vence, France)
Denny Dimin Gallery (New York, NY)
Diane Rosenstein Gallery (Los Angeles, CA)
Dimensions Variable (Miami, FL)
Dio Horia (Athens, Greece)
Double V Gallery (Marseille, France)
Eden Airlines (Richmond, VA)
Eduardo Secci (Florence / Milan, Italy)
El Apartamento (La Habana, Cuba)
Eleanor Harwood Gallery (San Francisco, CA)
Emerson Dorsch (Miami, FL)
Erin Cluley Gallery (Dallas, TX)
Espacio Valverde (Madrid, Spain)
FABIENNE LEVY (Lausanne, Switzerland)
Fran Reus (Mallorca, Spain)
Fredericks & Freiser (New York, NY)
G Gallery (Seoul, South Korea)
GALERÍA ENRIQUE GUERRERO (Mexico City / Todos Santos, Mexico)
Galería Espacio Continuo (Bogotá, Colombia)
Galeria MPA (Madrid, Spain)
Galerie Christian Lethert (Cologne, Germany)
Galerie Droste (Düsseldorf, Germany / Paris, France)
Galerie Julien Cadet (Paris, France)
Galerie Nicolas Robert (Montreal / Toronto, Canada)
Galerie Wolfsen (Aalborg, Denmark) Galleri Urbane (Dallas, TX)
GALLERIA STUDIO G7 (Bologna, Italy)
Gallery Nosco (London, UK)
Geary (Millerton, NY)
General Expenses (Mexico City, Mexico)
Goldfinch (Chicago, IL)
HB381 (New York, NY)
Henrique Faria (New York, NY)
High Noon (New York, NY)
Huxley-Parlour (London, UK)
Il Chiostro (Saronno, Italy)
ISCA Gallery (Oslo, Norway)

2022 Untitled Art Miami Exhibitors continued

Jane Lombard Gallery (New York, NY) 
JD Malat Gallery (London, UK)
Johansson Projects (Oakland, CA)
Jupiter Contemporary (Miami, FL)
KLEINDIENST (Leipzig, Germany)
Km 0.2 (San Juan, Puerto Rico)
KORNFELD (Berlin, Germany)
Kravets Wehby Gallery (New York, NY)
Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery (London, UK)L21 Gallery (Palma de Mallorca / Barcelona, Spain)
La Balsa Arte (Bogotá, Colombia)
LaMontagne Gallery (Boston, MA)
Laney Contemporary (Savannah, GA)
LatchKey Gallery (New York, NY)
Library Street Collective (Detroit, MI)
Lonely ROCKS (The Interverse)
Long Road Projects (Jacksonville, Florida)
Luce Gallery (Turin, Italy)
Luis De Jesus Los Angeles (Los Angeles, CA)
MAIA Contemporary (Mexico City, Mexico)
MARC STRAUS (New York, NY) Marisa Newman Projects (New York, NY)
Max Estrella (Madrid, Spain) MKG127 (Toronto, Canada)
Morgan Lehman Gallery (New York, NY)
National (San Juan, Puerto Rico)
Nueveochenta (Bogotá, Colombia)
OCHI (Los Angeles, CA / Sun Valley, ID)
Pablo’s Birthday (New York, NY)
Parallel Circuit Presented by Dastan Gallery (Tehran, Iran)
PASTO (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Patrick Heide Contemporary Art (London, UK)
PLAN X (Milan / Capri, Italy)
PORTAS VILASECA (Rio de Janiero, Brazil)
Praise Shadows Art Gallery (Brookline, MA)
Richard Heller Gallery (Los Angeles, CA)
Richard Saltoun Gallery (London, UK / Rome, Italy)
Ronchini Gallery (London, UK)
Room57 Gallery (New York, NY)
SARAI Gallery (SARADIPOUR) (Mahshahr, Iran)
School of Visual Arts Galleries (New York, NY)
Sean Horton (Presents) (New York, NY / Berlin, Germany)
SEASONS LA (Los Angeles, CA)
Selenas Mountain (New York, NY)
SEPTEMBER (Kinderhook, NY)
SEPTIEME Gallery (Paris, France / Cotonou, Benin)
SGR Galería (Bogotá, Colombia)
Shelter (New York, NY)
Southern Guild (Cape Town, South Africa)
Steve Turner (Los Angeles, CA)
THE PILL ® (Istanbul, Turkey)
TAFETA (London, UK)
TERN Gallery (Nassau, Bahamas)
The Bonnier Gallery (Miami, FL / New York,NY)
The Flat-Massimo Carasi (Milan, Italy)
The Locker Room Gallery (Brooklyn, NY)
The New Arts Foundation (Los Angeles, CA)
The Next Contemporary (Toronto, Canada)
The Something Machine (Bellport, NY)
Vigo Gallery (London, UK)
Voloshyn Gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Webber Gallery (London, UK / Los Angeles, CA)
WHATIFTHEWORLD (Cape Town, South Africa)
Woaw Gallery (Hong Kong)
Yancey Richardson Gallery (New York,NY)
Yossi Milo Gallery (New York, NY)
Zidoun-Bossuyt Gallery (Dubai, UAE / Luxembourg City, Luxembourg / Paris, France)
ZieherSmith (Nashville, TN)
Zielinsky (Barcelona, Spain)
Zilberman (Istanbul, Turkey)

202229novAll Day03dec2022 Untitled Art Miami Beach

2021 Untitled Art

Untitled Art Fair was my favorite art fair during Miami Beach Art Basel 2021.  I was most excited to see the works of Yanira Collado at Emerson Dorsch Gallery in Miami.  Patricia Sweetow had very strong works, and interesting works.

Richard Beavers Gallery was showing some great works, including those of Marcus Jansen whose studio is located down the road from me in Fort Myers Florida.  Ko gallery of Nigeria had some meaningful works which I enjoyed learning about.  

Latchkey was there showing works by Wynnie Mynerva, an artist whose works I have enjoyed and been inspired by.   Paris-B Was showing some very solid landscape architectural works, and I hope you enjoy watching all these videos from Untitled art fair during Miami Beach Art Basel 2021.  

Untitled Art Fair logo

My Favorite Booths, Untitled Art Fair 2021

Emerson Dorsch's Ibett Yanez Transcript on Yanira Collado (Miami)

Hi everyone on my Ibett Yanez.   i'm the director of Emerson Dorsch gallery just going to give you a brief explanation of one of the artists we're showing in our booth.   Yanira Collado is an artist that was born in brooklyn new york and traveled between the dominican republic and miami with her family until they decided to set ground here in miami .  Her work as you can see primarily deals with what we call consumerist garbage or cultural detritus.   But the way that she builds these constructions, which is what she calls these works by using materials that recall a memory.   She works with a mixed medium such as house paint cardboard textile gel transfer medium and she creates these quilts.   The way that she likes to approach her work is basically dealing with the architecture of memory.   She leaves her discussions within her process open to viewer interpretation and she finds a very spiritual approach in creating these quilts.   She's also known for adopting symbols that are found through the american quilting movement primarily those symbols that stand out in history as a form of linguistics during the underground railroad.

She also works sculpture and in her sculpture she recalls the idea of fractal architecture to her a lot of the memories that one sort of saves.  It is almost something that she looks at as if it were architecture, so again she uses her process of combining materials to create the quilts or to create these experiences.  In this case you have her using the sculpture as a way of containing the word.  She had a show in oolite he was part of a group show there and she collaborated with another artist that had found letters and photographs.  She collaborates with artists also that like to visit their own archives of memory

Patricia Sweetow (San Francisco), RAMEKON O’ARWISTERS, DEMETRI BROXTON, Sarah Amos

my name is megan smith with patricia's sweetow gallery we're based in san francisco united states.   this year for untitled art fair we're bringing sarah amos.   Sarah is an australian printmaker and these are really gorgeous large scales holograph and thread on felt works so if you can see they have a lot of dimensionality and texture to them but she's really synthesizing her print making techniques and her own really unique visual language.

Here is RAMEKON O’ARWISTERS he's a local san francisco artist these are intuitive ceramic and fiber sculptures i'll let you get a few angles on them because they really are meant to be seen in three dimensions

RAMEKON’s original inspiration was quilting with his grandmother in north carolina so that's where his sensibility with the fiber and material culture comes from

so last our third artist is DEMETRI BROXTON he's a bay area artist as well and these are actually boxing gloves

so i'll give you a little peek to the back.  his grandfather was a boxer in the army during world war ii so boxing is kind of a central theme and foundation of his work these are embellished with hand-stitched triple stitch beading and cowrie shells

and these have 20 pounds of nails and mirrors nailed into the glove itself his other inspiration is a contemporary hip-hop lyrics so you'll see that he's carefully beating in the lyrics that really touched him onto the pieces themselves kind of giving them an extra layer of meaning connecting history to the contemporary moment thanks so much for joining us

Winston Wachter, Peter Gronquist (Seattle/NYC)

this new series assimilate choir was created by Peter Gronquist he is based in portland oregon and he was inspired to make this new series based on the trauma that he has experienced in the past he took these two stainless steel metal slabs and used a nomian nitrate and a sniper rifle to initiate the explosion to create these organic intrusions later he used his iphone to photograph this metal this hanging metal sculpture to capture the reflecting light and sculpture and later mounted on the birch panel and coated with resin with this series he really helped him to overcome his trauma and at the same time trying to show that how much it changed him as a person

Ellie Hayworth (Miami)

DPM Gallery(Ecador)

dpm gallery from ecuador we are 32 years old gallery based always in ecuador and we move around different airfares in this time we have brought two hours juan because from argentina who is 40 years old and cardozo from ecuador who is 55 years old both others are self-taught regardless at that point both artists know very well the the scholarship the academy of the painting in fact has some religion his work is related to hudson which is a 17th century artist

the work is called ensueno which is dream in english

beautiful very unique yeah here to your left he moves through earth in in and gets the satellite images from islands and the south pacific removes the identity to give him more silence to give give you the idea to think about what is going on in the coastals and not identifying the the particular island itself because it's a universal issue of the ecology what's happening in the coast

very cool

okay it's always up for you okay

thanks a lot appreciate it

Richard Beavers, Marcus Jansen, Phyllis Stevens  (Bed-Stuy NYC)

hi my name is monica langham i'm the director of operations for the richard beaver's gallery we're located in brooklyn in bedford stuyvesant on marcus garvey this first piece is by marcus jansen he is a german jamaican-born artist who grew up in the bronx spent a lot of time studying under german expressionism and this piece actually is part of a series and it's his response to the conversation and the events that surrounded the george floyd incident and the conversation and ultimate dissolution of some of the southern monuments this artist here along the back wall is phyllis stevens she's a fifth generation master quilter from georgia all of her pieces are sustainable fabrics the only thing that was specifically created for the piece were the silk screen faces every other piece of material is a found piece of material so nothing specifically created for the piece the title of the series is jungle love and it is about the relationships that form and the young love and the nuances that happen as relationships begin to grow

this piece is also from marcus jansen and it again discusses all of the interactions that happen as a result of the recent george floyd incident and the emerging black black lives matter movement you can see a lot of the german expressionism and his graffiti work in it because he grew up in the 80s in new york and participated in the graffiti movement also important is that he's a gulf war veteran and so his experience in the war actually contributes a lot to the paintings that he creates

PARIS-B Gallery Marion Charlet

we are here showing the works of Marion Charlet she's a french painter she got graduated from villarso which is a very good art school in france like 15 years ago and for 15 years she's been developing this series of paintings where she actually is very much inspired by her travels where she takes a lot of photographs and she brings back this photographs home and she will add a fantasy her dream and she will create her own world and change them into this magnificent beautiful colorful landscapes and architectural paintings for example this solidard it's a very big painting it's inspired by a photograph she's taken in mexico and uh by the novel she was ringing at that moment by gabrielle and marcel marquez a hundred years of solitude so this is why i give the title to the to the painting and you can see all the sharpness and all the details she's very good at painting uh vegetation and a vegetable tropical and luxuriant color full of flowers paintings

beautiful i love the space

she also develops awards into a architectural architectural pieces as you can see behind you or here there this is a barber shop it's a very very impressive too if you go close to the if you go closer to the painting you will see how detailed is it how sharp the painting is like so many details all very sharpened and all very geometrical uh uh you know just all these patterns

it's always good to focus

beautiful work yeah this starter shop she is inspired by a photograph she's taken in cuba but of course the painting now is very far away from the reality

ko gallery- lagos, nigeria, Stephen Tayo, Joseph Obanubi, Edozie Anedu

i'm here representing co-art space where a space in lagos nigeria was founded by kavita chellaram and we represent artists from the continent and the diaspora who are creating contemporary modern art all right so can you tell me about some of these pieces.

 absolutely this this whole series here is done by stephen tayo he's a contemporary artist uh photographer um he's documenting um kind of groups on the margins of pop culture this particular group these this is drag culture in nigeria in lagos specifically so in nigeria it is illegal to be homosexual so this this series is documenting this group of people um you know he does things he also looks at like the symbolism of fashion he looks at he often shoots groups of fashionable people and they often engage in the storytelling process and he's looking at like their performance what they reveal what they conceal um he's also photographed the suppers from congo so yeah he's he's really into fashion the fashionable lagos are these these are prints.  

and then these digitally yes so these are digital collages and mix so those are photographs and then these are digitally colored digital collages that he's been modified and these are nigerian sayings and that "dress i dress i know i know kill person."  This is pigeon english and it's basically saying it's a dress i'm wearing i'm not i'm not committing a crime i'm not killing someone now i'm wearing a dress i'm a man wearing a dress this one life now been down select it's a reference to i believe the markets which exist in lagos where you just you sort of bend down and you grab something and you bend down sometimes it's something good sometimes there's something something bad so sometimes life is just about bending down and you you know dealing with what you're what you're what you grab

he's won all kinds of awards he's he's um he's one of the most sought after photographers in lagos at the moment okay we'll talk about this today sure

we'll talk about this right here okay so this artist is named Edozie Anedu  he comes from benin city nigeria which is known for the benin bronzes his style is very expressionist these works here are self-portraits um they're definitely not he's not going the the typical representational route he's going more you know expressive he's also looking at cultural norms pop culture as well and he's taken found fabric acrylic spray paint and oil pastels to create these these works here he's only 25 so pretty young he's pretty bad yeah yeah quickly rising though he's up and coming um and then coming over here these three prints are created by diana ijita she's an italian nigerian artist and she's working with textiles she's also doing print making different types silk screen wood lino and these particular prints are based off of a novel which is called the palm wine drunkard drinkard almighty drinker which is a quest tale of a man who is pretty much drinking too much palm wine alcoholic beverage he goes and he ends up going to the spiritual realm to help bring back his tapper who is the one who helps create the palm line and he goes through all these different trials and at the end of it comes out wiser and then wakes up and it was the whole thing was a dream so these these three prints are representation of that uh book she's also on the cover of the new yorker magazine at the moment so if you get a chance to grab a new yorker she's on there

This artist name is joseph obanubi he is a nigerian multimedia artist these are digital collages here so he kind of takes imagery and then brings it back together to kind of create new meanings this particular series is in response to the pandemic but he's looking at identity uh future afrofuturism globalization um this is kind of talking about like the stasis and instability uh during the pandemic and kind of how people are just really coming out from it in new with new identities and new new constructs

the homosexuals transgender communities are marginalized and there's no trying to stand up to them yeah is this artist work is that do you think that's helping push the um they're helping make awareness to help protect these people more or how what's that effect in society so far you know i think it just kind of brings attention to the fact that these people are here um i don't know that it's really making a huge impact on policy at this point but i do think it is helping to maybe normalize it within a cultural and community context and yeah i think it's i think it's an important step in that process of giving equal rights to everyone and finding the beauty in it good well it's important that uh this conversation these conversations are being had absolutely thank you so much thank you so much.

scope-art-fair logo
Scope Miami celebrated a 21th year anniversary in 2022 amongst the art deco marvels on South Beach /  Miami Beach.  140 international exhibitors and world class art installations are what one can expect at Scope art fair.  For the more academic pursuit there are several panel discussions.  

SCOPE Miami Beach opens November 30th for its Platinum First View and VIP + Press Previews, and the show will be open to the public December 1-4th. @scopeartshow  | #scopeartshow | #scopemiamibeach

Scope Miami

Nov 30 - Dec 4, 2022 (Public)
Ocean Drive at 8th Street,
Miami Beach

Admission $40

Scope Miami Hours

Scope Miami Hours for Public
Wednesday, Dec 30, 11 - 8pm
Thursday, Dec1, 11 - 8pm
Friday, Dec 2, 11 - 8pm
Saturday, Dec 3, 11 - 8pm
Sunday, December 4, 11 - 8pm

202230novAll Day04decScope Art Show 2022 | Miami Beach

ryan lutz fort myers artist
One of the best artistic works I saw during the week, was Reinier Gamboa at Miami Art Society.  Reinier Gamboa's work was some of the best I saw during Miami Art Week.  The composition, and color palettes from Reinier in this series was very powerful.  
The exhibitions at Scope were different than the art fairs at Untitled Art Fair which is also on Miami Beach.  And I am very excited to return to Miami Beach Art Basel in 2022 to view more great emergent contemporary art.  
Scope Miami During Miami Art Week was a great.  We were viewing great works at Seizan Gallery located in Tribeca NYC, and Camp Gallery from Miami Florida.  

2021 Scope Art Show

Scope Art Fair During Miami Art Week was a great.  We were viewing great works at Seizan Gallery located in Tribeca NYC, and Camp Gallery from Miami Florida.  

One of the best artistic works I saw during the week, was Reinier Gamboa at Miami Art Society.  Reinier Gamboa's work was some of the best I saw during Miami Art Week.  The composition, and color palettes from Reinier in this series was very powerful.  

The exhibitions at Scope were different than the art fairs at Untitled Art Fair which is also on Miami Beach.  And I am very excited to return to Miami Beach Art Basel in 2022 to view more great emergent contemporary art.  

scope-art-fair logo

Camp Gallery | Gabriel Torres | Idris Habib | (Miami)

Welcome to the contemporary art modern project . we're just exhibiting here at scope 2021 in north uh in miami beach and we just wanted to kind of give a little introduction as to the booth and the artists that we've been working with. So right here we have our kind of premier african artist Idris Habib he's been working in these large-scale acrylics and waxes to kind of paint onto these african fabrics that he's been sourcing and been working with kind of over the years. This is just his most recent collection for 2021 and we've just been really proud of being able to work with him. And finally show off the african artists that we've been able to host since february amongst them not only idris are we showing but actually inside the booth

We have the other ghana based artist Musah Swallah across this wall and what he's kind of been doing with contemporary fashion and especially kind of the black male gaze and his focus upon so much of what african art is now. It's not just the classical it's not just the aborigine contemporary artists are really pushing forward with so much of their work.

And we have it really contrasting against cuban american artist Carlos Gamez de Francisco that he's been as opposed to the contemporary fashion we're working with extremely classical in this contrasting modern sunglass kind of approach with his very classical based acrylic on canvas portraiture.

Jumping further kind of across the world as we kind of go on and on into Dominik Schmitt kind of abstract portraiture in which he's focusing heavily on this layering of memories upon each other even going as far as how the paint is applied the mixed media that he's using within newspaper clippings and magazines layered upon layered that each memory kind of unfolds underneath

In our small little corner of the booth we have a brazilian artist as well Rosana Machado Rodríguez where she's been applying kind of this photography to fiber-based pieces. In this new adaptation of media as she embarks on a reflection of not only kind of her inner self and her memories within these last couple years but a reflection on to her kind of almost uncomfortable nature that she has within her own body. She's regressing into this kind of uh flat stance and wants you to really feel. How she's been portraying herself within her own photograph work but our booth still doesn't end there.

We're showing artists from all across the world and so yet we once again jumped to italian artist Elena Monzo and her atypical portraiture. Once again so much of our booth is based upon this contrasting ideals of how portraiture is handled in the current environment. Between how fashion is handled how the age demographic is handled even how gender is handled within portraiture. The kind of variations that are applying to each and every single one of the artists and from paintings.

We step into traditional photograph work instead with Sonya Revell and Queef Latina, local to miami. A photographer and drag queen duo that we've been representing for a while. Once again taking that different approach to portraiture where they're heavily relying on this call to a different age where the struggle of the housewife is kind of exhumed to the modern stance.

And our few video works that we're presenting as part of a exhibition a small exhibit that we're showing in north miami. Bego Santiago, a spanish artist where she's able to replicate these videos these intense memories that she's been having. In each individual kind of frame where the characters expand and her self-portraits reveal themselves more and more exposing herself to a kind of general public.

But there's still one last artist that we can't forget we make the full rounds from the rest of the western portraiture to now once again an african ideal in our last african artist Moses Zibor from Nigeria and his now re-emphasis upon this black male modern kind of attitude. Where we need to kind of struggle past all the previous acclimations that society has gotten used to and bring each other up instead of always pointing towards the negative. We need to become a society once again where everyone is upon equal and we can all base each other and kind of ourselves within the uplifting news of each other.

But that's a little tour of our booth at scope 2021 booth d11 and we're the contemporary art modern project also known as the camp gallery you can always find us at the camp gallery on our instagram or you can always visit thecampgallery.com to see any of our kind of further news and information about any of our upcoming exhibitions thank you so much for kind of peering into our little society

11 Hell Heaven Transcript (Miami)

welcome to 11 health heaven art gallery booth in scope our gallery is in miami and in roma our handle for instagram is 11 cal heaven and i'm very pleased to present you lauren darrow he's an a french american painter so he's born in france now he lives in palm beach in florida and the proposal is very fresh and the idea is to present the heroes of our times because nowadays heroes are not flying in the sky with red cups but are working class heroes it's the people that is serving you breakfast the people which is cleaning your car but these people are the heroes of our side also the the artist thinks that art should engage you and speak your language and speak to you so it should not be something of esoterical should be something easy speaking to daily people like you and me in their language something you can feel engaged with and relate with

the next artist is someone i am really proud of

he's one of the most famous artists in italy in sicily in the second half of the 20th century he's still alive and still painting he's in his 70s now but believe me he made the story of art he has 40 years career and he has been searching in the early 80s along with people like rushenberg and joseph boyce and mauricio catalan people he knew in person and he started painting with them so he's a an old master of the 20th century and i'm very proud to have to offer a different perspective to art which is the 20th century perspective on art and it has a different feeling from lauren garo because he's so cutting edge and fresh but this has the powerful of an old master

very complex complex and sophisticated it's a connoisseur choice not for everyone

arts gallery and on instagram you will find us as 11 health heaven and thank you

Reinier Gamboa Miami Art Society

hi we're here with miami art society my name is rainier gamboa you can find me on instagram at rainier gamboa and this is my work right here uh this is before the flood it's called it's talking about sea level rise in miami it's a local issue that we face and she's an oracle talking about the future of miami here we have a painting dealing with a dream world and the conflict of having to kill to survive

here we have the huntress she represents a powerful female figure and here we have the fool which is the first part of the tarot it represents new beginnings embracing the new and not caring so much about what could go wrong wow this is great i love this thank you this was about dancing with chaos pretty much and this one right here is about inner peace

thank you so much appreciate that tell me your name again in your social media my name is rainier gamboa and you can find me on instagram under my name reigniter gamboa should i spell it maybe you may ask okay r-e-i-n-i-e-r

gamboa g-a-m-b-o-a thank you thank you so much


Seizan Gallery Transcript (Tribeca)

hi my name is shino shinosu i'm from Seizan gallery i'm from the new york branch and our instagram handle is s-e-i-z-a-n underscore ny we're showcasing two japanese artists today one is a young man kenta takahashi from tokyo and he deals with a traditional methodology of painting uh that's pigment based so you start from minerals that give off a certain color you crush it and you mix it with a animal fat called nicola so that it can finally bind to the washi paper which is a mulberry based paper and you can see the diamond plate steel type of texture here this is another technique that's called moriage which is where you put the pigments of a shirt in the shape and then you after that you put the silver leaf on it and then he puts the graffiti like um patterns with uh with the pigments with the paint and so that's what this is on a folding screen type of uh form so mixing the old and the new and that's what he's doing with a lot of these pieces

same goes for he's also experimenting with silk screening the pigments which is really exciting so like the bottom left over here is like uh him putting the pigments through a silkscreen which is very new technique that he's experimenting with and you can see that over here as well same type of idea these are pieces from tokyo that he finds that's why the titles are actually actual addresses where he finds them he clips it out and then he recreates it using this traditional form of uh image making in japan

and now moving on to yatsushi ikedi he's i believe in his early 40s and he is just a master oil painter because most people think when you look at these pieces from afar it looks like a photograph but uh these are actually all oil pink

these are scenes from tokyo these are all the same artists yes one artist all the oil paintings

yeah he has a certain filter in his eyes it seems like that is very almost psychedelic


PRIVATE Dates and Times

November 29 2022 Private
Members Preview/ 11am-12pm
Collectors Preview/ 12pm - 7pm
Press Preview/ 2pm-7pm

Wednesday November 30, 2022
VIP Preview/ 11am - 1pm


General Admission: Online $35
Students & Seniors : Online $30
VIP $225 for two tickets for Preview Day

Public Dates and Times

Wednesday, November 30th, 1pm - 7pm
Thursday, December 1, 11am - 7pm
Friday, December 2, 12- 7pm
Saturday, December 3, 12 - 7pm
Sunday, December 4, 12- 7pm
The 18th edition of Design Miami curated by Maria Cristina Didero: The Golden Age: Looking to the Future, celebrating a tomorrow of our own creation.  | View  online at designmiami.com.
Design Miami/ is more than a marketplace for design, where the world's top galleries gather to present museum-quality exhibitions of twentieth and twenty-first century furniture, lighting and objets d'art. Each show balances exclusive commercial opportunities with progressive programming, exciting collaborations with designers and design institutions, panels and lectures with luminaries from the worlds of design, architecture, art and fashion, and unique commissions from the world's top emerging and established designers and architects.

Design Miami exhibitors 2022

2022 Design Miami Galleries

AGO Projects/ Mexico City
Ateliers Courbet/ New York
Bernard Goldberg Fine Arts/ New York
Carpenters Workshop Gallery/ Paris
Cristina Grajales/ New York
Diletante42/ São Paulo
Friedman Benda/ New York
Gallery ALL/ Beverly Hills
Galerie BSL/ Paris
Galleria Antonella Villanova/ Foiano Della
Galerie Maria Wettergren/ Paris
Galerie Negropontes/ Paris
Galerie Patrick Seguin/ Paris
Galerie SCENE OUVERTE/ Paris
Gallery FUMI/ London
Hostler Burrows/ New York
Ippodo Gallery/ New York
Jason Jacques/ New York
John Keith Russell/ South Salem
Lebreton/ Monaco
Magen H Gallery/ New York
Mercado Moderno/ Rio de Janeiro
Mindy Solomon Gallery/ Miami

Moderne Gallery/ Philadelphia
Nilufar/ Milan
Objective Gallery/ New York
Ornamentum/ Hudson
R & Company/ New York
Sarah Myerscough Gallery/ London
Southern Guild/ Cape Town
The Future Perfect/ New York
Thomsen Gallery/ New York
Todd Merrill Studio/ New York
Twenty First Gallery/ New York
Wexler Gallery/ Philadelphia

2022 Design Miami Curios

Aqua Creations/ Englewood
Elisabetta Cipriani/ London
Emma Scully Gallery/ New York
GUFRAM/ Barolo
Harry Nuriev/ New York
J. Lohmann Gallery/ New York
MONIOMI Design/ Miami
Objects of Common Interest/ New York
R & Company/ New York
Rademakers Gallery/ Amsterdam
Room 57/ New York
Stroll Garden/ Los Angeles
Superhouse/ New York
Tuleste Factory/ New York

202229novAll Day04decDesign Miami Art Fair | Miami Beach

Ink Art Fair Miami
INK Miami a contemporary art fair held concurrent with ABMB.  Sponsored by International Fine Print Dealers Association and participants showing work are members.  

Looking for prints or works on paper?  Ink Miami is is a short walk from Miami Beach convention center.  

If you're looking to purchase prints or works on paper, you should plan on attending this small art fair. This fair is located just a few blocks from the convention center and Art Basel Miami Beach. It's an easy walk in the direction of the beach.
@inkmiamiartfair #inkmiamiartfair  #printfair

Ink Miami Admission

Ink Miami Admission

FREE.  Ink Miami is Free with registration at Eventbrite.  Click HERE to register to attend INK Art Fair 2022 registration.  

Ink Miami Date and Times

Opening Brunch, Wed November 30, 9 am
Pulp Party, Thursday, Dec 1, 6 - 9 pm

Wednesday, Nov 30, 9 - 4 pm
Thursday, Dec 1, 10 - 8 pm
Friday, Dec 2, 10 am - 8 pm
Saturday, Dec 3, 10 am - 8 pm
Sunday, Dec 4, 10 am - 3 pm
Satellite Art Show Miami

Satellite Art Show Admission

Day $20
First View + Week $100


Satellite Art Show Brian Whiteleypng

Satellite Art Show

Founded by Brian Whiteley, artist and Justin Bieber impersonator, Satellite Art Show is coming back to Miami Beach for 2022.  
Shipping containers and Uhaul Trucks will be pulling up to Indian Beach Park beside Fountaine Bleu Hotel.  Which means their format is very different than other Miami art fairs.  
A quick look at the track record of the Brian Whiteley founder of Satellite Art Show and you discover him some noteworthy behavior.  Brian stealthily hung art works in MoMA NYC bathroom as a prank which is on video and below.   Next he was "impersonating Justin Bieber"  to rally up media attention for his upcoming exhibition, which also rallied a lawsuit from Justin Bieber.    
And while one can easily dismiss him and his practice, I have a different thought.  Miami Art Week has some solid works inspired works by some world class emergents artists.  And during Miami art week, there is also alot of decorative art being passed off as fine art.  Tourist grade pedestrian "art" being passed off to people with alot more money than sense.  
ryan lutz fort myers artist
And when I see the side show type antics of Brian Whiteley, I feel relieved.  Its good to see someone making an effort.   I would much rather take a chance and visit Brian's  Satellite Art Fair, rather than wading through aisles and aisles of decorative art.  
At least with Brian's we dont know what to expect, and that is a good thing.  And for me and my time and effort, Id rather gamble on a Dark Horse.   And I will be visiting Satellite Art Fair During Art Week 2022.  

Satellite Art Show

Date and Times

Wednesday, Nov 29, 9 - 4 pm
Thursday, Dec 1, 12 - 9 pm
Friday, Dec 2, 12 - 9 pm
Saturday, Dec 3, 12 - 9 pm
Sunday, Dec 4, 12 - 9 pm
**After hours 7pm-12pm
Aqua Art Miami

ADMISSION for Context,  Art Miami, and Aqua

one day $25,
Seniors & Students $35
VIP $275
Multi-Day Pass(3 fairs)  $100


Date and Times

VIP Preview November 30
Thursday, Dec 01, 12- 9pm
Friday, Dec 02, 11- 9pm
Saturday, Dec 03, 11- 9pm
 Sunday, Dec 04, 11- 6pm
Aqua Art Miami
Art Miami + Context Art Fair
***Aqua Art Miami, located on MIAMI BEACH is a sister art fair to Art Miami and Content.  Both Art Miami and Context Art fairs are located in Miami.  ***  Much like INK MIAMI, Aqua Art Fair takes place in an open courtyard, which is a stark contrast from the tented events of Untitled Art and Scope Art Show.  

Public days begin December 1 - 4 with 60+ exhibitors at Aqua Hotel. Aqua Hotel is located within walking distance of Art Basel, and there a shuttle running between, Art Miami and also Miami Beach Convention Center. Tip: it's a good way to get to and from Miami Beach to Miami.  Pickup near Lincoln Road

Art Fairs in Miami

Miami NADA art Fair Logo
Art Miami + Context Art Fair
Spectrum and Red Dot
Miami NADA art Fair Logo

Nada Miami Admission 2022

$55 Run of Show
$40 Senior/Student

NADA Miami Date and Times

Wednesday, Nov 30, 9 - 4 pm
Thursday, Dec 1, 10 - 8 pm
Friday, Dec 2, 10 am - 8 pm
Saturday, Dec 3, 10 am - 8 pm
Sunday, Dec 4, 10 am - 3 pm

202230novAll Day03decNada Miami Art Fair 2022

ryan lutz fort myers artist
The New Art Dealers Alliance (NADA) announces participation for the 20th year of Miami Art Week.  Nada Miami is featuring +146 galleries and exhibitors including NADA member exhibitors from Paris, Tokyo, Dubai, Toronto, Buenos Aires, and Copenhagen.  At Nada Miami you can enjoy conversations, performances, and "a special section highlighting a selection of galleries organized by a renowned curator."

It will be exciting to see what Nada Miami has in store for 2022 Miami Art Week, and this mysterious renowned curator has piqued my interest and I am excited to find out.  @newartdealers #nadamiami  #nadamiami2021  #newartdealers

NADA Exhibitors 2022

Miami NADA art Fair Logo

NADA Miami 2022 Exhibitors

56 Henry, New York
12.26, Dallas
1969 Gallery, New York
Ackerman Clarke, Chicago
Afternoon Projects, Vancouver
Nir Altman, Munich
anonymous gallery, New York
Artbeat, Tbilisi
Jack Barrett, New York
Bonamatic, Copenhagen
Bradley Ertaskiran, Montreal
Broadway, New York
BWA Warszawa, Warsaw
Calvaresi, Buenos Aires
Rebecca Camacho Presents, San Francisco
CARBON 12, Dubai
Charles Moffett, New York
Clima, Milan
Cooper Cole, Toronto
Creative Growth Art Center, Oakland
de boer, Los Angeles
Deli Gallery, New York
Galerie Derouillon, Paris
Downs & Ross, New York
EUROPA, New York
Et al., San Francisco
Patricia Fleming Gallery, Glasgow
Fragment, New York
Franz Kaka, Toronto
Friends Indeed Gallery, San Francisco
Gern en Regalia, New York
Laurel Gitlen, New York
Sebastian Gladstone, Los Angeles
Emma Gray HQ, Los Angeles
The Green Gallery, Milwaukee
HAIR+NAILS, Minneapolis
Halsey McKay Gallery, East Hampton
Jack Hanley Gallery, New York
Harkawik, New York
Harper’s, New York
The Hole, New York
Jonathan Hopson Gallery, Houston
ILY2, Portland
in lieu, Los Angeles
inge, Plainview
JDJ, Garrison
Nina Johnson, Miami
JUPITER Contemporary, Miami
KDR305, Miami
Yutaka Kikutake Gallery, Tokyo
Kim?, Riga
Parisa Kind, Frankfurt
King’s Leap, New York
Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery, New York
Kendall Koppe, Glasgow
the Landing Gallery, Los Angeles
Kristen Lorello, New York

NADA Miami 2022 Exhibitors

LOYAL, New York
Lubov, New York
Lyles & King, New York
M. LeBlanc, Chicago
Macaulay & Co. Fine Art, Vancouver
Marinaro, New York
Kai Matsumiya, New York
M+B, Los Angeles
MICKEY, Chicago
Nino Mier Gallery, Los Angeles
Chela Mitchell Gallery, Washington DC
Moskowitz Bayse, Los Angeles
Mrs., Maspeth
New Discretions, New York
No Gallery, New York
Ochi, Los Angeles
Olympia, New York
Pangée, Montreal
Tyler Park Presents, Los Angeles
parrasch heijnen, los angeles, Los Angeles
Patel Brown, Toronto
David Petersen Gallery, Minneapolis
PIEDRAS, Buenos Aires
The Pit, Los Angeles
Polana Institute, Warsaw
PROXYCO Gallery, New York
Raster, Warsaw
Margot Samel, New York
Sans titre, Paris
Sapar Contemporary, New York
Sargent’s Daughters, New York
Shoot The Lobster, New York
Shulamit Nazarian, Los Angeles
Tif Sigfrids, Athens
smoke the moon, Santa Fe
Sorry We’re Closed, Brussels
Stems Gallery, Brussels
Jacky Strenz, Frankfurt
Swivel Gallery, New York & Saugerties
Tabula Rasa Gallery, Beijing & London
Tierra del Sol Gallery, Los Angeles
TONE HQ Gallery, Memphis
Towards, Toronto
Ulterior Gallery, New York
The Valley, Taos
Kate Werble Gallery, New York
Western Exhibitions, Chicago
White Columns, New York
Workplace, London
Art Miami + Context Art Fair
Aqua Art Miami
*Context and Art Miami are both located at One Herald Plaza(Miami). Aqua is at Aqua Hotel
Art Miami (one of the most highly attended art fairs in the world) returns for the 32nd edition.   One Miami Herald Plaza on Biscayne Bay is located between Venetian and MacArthur Causeways making for easy access during this busy Miami Art Week Times.  

Art Miami is run by the same orgnanization which runs art fairs CONTEXT and Aqua Art.  This is why there are discounted group pricing on day passes for these fairs.  x@artmiamifairs #artmiami  #artmiamifairs


Wednesday, Nov 30, 11- 7pm
Thursday, Dec 1, 11- 7pm
Friday, Dec 2, 11- 7pm
Saturday, Dec 3, 11- 7pm
Sunday, Dec 4, 11- 6pm

ADMISSION for both Context and Art Miami

one day $55,
Seniors & Students $35
A Multi-Day Pass $100
VIP $275
A One Day Fair Pass provides admission to Art Miami and CONTEXT Art Miami


Wednesday, Dec 2, 11- 8pm
Thursday, Dec 3, 11- 8pm
Friday, Dec 4, 11- 8pm
Saturday, Dec 5, 11- 8pm

Pinta Miami Admission

$35/1 or $60/2 tickets
Connoiseur Ticket includes Champagne
$25 for one, Amateur ticket
$80 Pasionees ticket for 4 people
ryan lutz fort myers artist
16 years of Participation in Miami art week, PINTA MIAMI exhibits about 300 Latin American, European, and American Artists.  In 2022 Pinta is "experimenting" with new concepts and formats combining "premier technology with the glamor of gathering in-person."  Not sure what this means, however Im excited to find our during Miami art Week 2022 at Pinta Miami.  

Pinta’s is committed to sharing Ibero American modern and contemporary art based on Latin roots.  In 2022 we can look forward to "interdisciplinary expositions and carefully articulated sections" @pintamiami #pintamiami2021

Dates and Time

Nov 29 - Dec 11, 2022


$10 for a Prizm Pass
$100 to become a Pulsar Patron
Prizm features 60+ artists with Diasporic visual arts, cutting-edge events, and installations that offer sensory delight.  Prizm exhibits approximately 100 artists from Africa and its Diaspora and hires and works with a diverse pool of employees from around the world.  @prizmartfair #prizmartfair  #prizmartfair2021  #prizm2021
Spectrum and Red Dot
*Red Dot Miami and Spectrum Miami are sister art fairs.  Payment 


Thursday, Dec 1, Noon - 8pm
Friday, Dec 2, 12- 8pm
Saturday, Dec 3, 12-8pm
Sunday, Dec 4, 12-6pm

Wednesday, Nov 30, 5-6PM (PRESS),
6 – 9PM(Preview)


$25 General Admission
$50 Opening Night Ticket
$75 Total Ticket- Both
Red Dot Miami and Spectrum art show 75 of  top galleries and exclusive site-specific installations, and commissioned art installations.  

Taking place at the iconic Mana Wynwood in the heart of the thriving Wynwood Arts District and running alongside sister fair Spectrum Miami, Red Dot offers the unique opportunity to connect with blue-chip galleries and emerging artists—all under one roof. @redwoodartgroup #redwoodartgroup  #reddotmiami

Miami Art Basel 2022

Art Fair guides for Miami Art Basel 2022, aka Miami Art Week, aka ABMB.  This guide is created by Miami artists to help you discover the best Art Week events and art fair details.   Untitled Art Fair, Scope Art Fair, and Art Basel Miami Beach.  Below you will also find details for Miami art fairs such as NADA Art Fair, Art Miami, and Prizim Art Fair

Click the "Maps" image for detailed Map for Miami Art Basel 2022,  There is a second map with all Miami art exhibiting locations(museums, galleries, studios, etc).  
November 29 - December 4, 2022.

ryan lutz fort myers artist

xzib founder, Dr. Ryan Lutz

202229novAll Day04decMiami Art Week 2022

Miami Art Week, Art Basel FAQ

What days and dates for Art Basel Miami, aka Miami Art Week?

Thursday 12/01/2022 - Sunday 12/04/2022

Is Miami Art Week the Same as Miami Art Basel?

Yes, and No. Miami Art Basel one of many art fairs. "Miami Art Basel," is also a synonym for "Miami Art Week."

Is Miami Art Basel the Same as Miami Beach Art Basel?

It DEPENDS. "Miami Art Basel," refers to ALL the art fairs. Or, it may refer to 1 specific art fair that takes place on Miami Beach, The Miami Art Basel Fair.

Which art fairs are located on Miami Beach during Miami Art Week 2022?

Art Basel, Untitled, Scope, AquaArt, Ink Art Fair, Design Miami, SuperFine

What are the prices for the Miami Art Basel Art fairs, during Miami Art Week?

Click the Link and view all details for art fairs, including admission pricing, hours, times, and special art fair events and parties.

Discover all art districts, and art fairs, art museums, and art collections. Easy to navigate map helping you find the best Miami art, during Miami Art Basel!  Navigate the map on your phone, or click the icon in the top left to open the Google Map app on your phone

Miami Art week is an exciting time, and we hope you find these maps to be helpful during you visit to Miami Art Basel.

Miami Art Fairs Map