December 2023

AfriKin Art

AfriKin Art

Afrikin Art Fair


6 (Wednesday) 12:00 pm - 11 (Monday) 9:00 pm


2022 AfriKin Art: The Beautyful Ones Are (Not Yet) Born.

Dedicated to curating Black art and Africana. And in 2022, Miami based AfriKin Art is presenting a strong roster including Christina Nicola, Musah Swallah, and Oneika Russell for AfriKin Art: The Beautyful Ones Are (Not Yet) Born


 AfriKin Art 2022 sketches a possible world that opposes the barbarism of our current order to open possibilities for rebirth. Rebirth is here seen in the Osirian myth of dismembering and remembering, a painful reminder of our human vulnerability to division, fragmentation and degeneration, and at the same time a symbol of our equally human capacity for unity, cooperative action and creative regeneration.

Distinguished evenings for welcoming our invited collectors and guests for an experience fusing the arts and the Moorish architectural ambiance of Opa-locka that rearticulate the sophistication of what it means to be independent.The depth and breadth of the exhibited artworks, the elegance of attendees and the irresistible performances will recenter the aesthetics of beauty in Black culture. The Lectures launch conversations about issues in politics and aesthetics and their resonance in the contemporary era.

Keynote Address – VIP Launch – Visual Art Exhibition – Performing Art – Traditional African Drumming – Contemporary Dance – Fashion Runway – Film Screenings – Jam Sessions – Speakeasy Poetry Lounge – Keynote Speakers – Artists VIP Meet and Greet – Sponsored Curated Cocktail Bar – Palate Pleasing Sensory Experience – Panel Conversations on Contemporary Issues.

Never mistake the map for the territory. –– A people’s art is the genesis of their freedom.