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Untitled Miami

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VIP preview untitledartfair TODAY! 1-8pm. Please come say hi.
⁠Sean Horton (Presents) is pleased to announce a special project by American painter Angela Fraleigh (angelafraleigh) for the VIP Lounge of Untitled Art, Miami Beach 2022. ⁠
Link in bio for more info.⁠
"The Raving Ones" is a 28 foot painting installation presenting three major (78 x 57 inch) paintings on hand-drawn wallpaper made especially for the fair. ⁠
“Show me your witches and I’ll show you your feelings about women” — Pam Grossman ⁠
In this new series Fraleigh draws parallels between art production and spellcraft, harnessing the magic of making the invisible, visible. Ecstatic Maenads gather amongst a frenzied tangle of medicinal herbs and serpents to raucously summon the powers of mythical female figures such as: Artemis, Hecate and Medusa to aid in casting a spell. ⁠
The work is part archaeological romp through representation, featuring goddesses in both their celebrated and reviled forms; and part reclamation, as it shifts the lens to reveal a more complex, diverse history. They are layered with magical signifiers and enchanted materials like crystals, moon water, and color magic. Each work is blessed and accompanied by a custom spell for Self-Sovereignty written by professional witch, Pam Grossman.⁠ phantasmaphile
Special thanks to Ted Holland and Hirschl & Adler Modern.⁠ hirschlandadlermodern
Pictured: Angela Fraleigh / "The circle is cast, we are between the worlds, (detail) 2022⁠ / Oil, acrylic, watercolor, moon water, amethyst, sugilite and tiger’s eye on Dibond panel / 78 x 57 in (198.1 x 144.8 cm)
#angelafraleigh #untitledartfair #untitledmiami #seanhortonpresents #spellpaintings #witch #witchcraft #reproductiverights #reproductivejustice #spellcraft #pamgrossman
5 more days until we open our exhibition, Point of Contact, at untitledartfair, and we're bringing 10 new mixed media pieces by ssquirewell with us.⁠
Stan Squirewell’s work is multilayered, and his subject matter tackles themes such as race and memory through mythology, sacred geometry, and science. He draws his inspiration from theory books, science fiction movies and novels, avant-garde jazz, and indigenous storytelling.� ⁠
Our exhibition, Point of Contact, features the work of four artists whose practices vary but share commonality in their desire to reframe the often-politicized Black body. Tap the link in our bio to learn more about the fair and get tickets.⁠
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How do we keep the people alive who are no longer with us physically? In this terribly cruel year, these thoughts feel more urgent than usual. I try to think of loss as a bittersweet reminder that we have loved, still love, and hold close those meaningful ties in our lives. This #painting, “Untitled (Family Portrait with Photograph),” 80”x60”, part of kcontemporaryart’s untitledartfair booth this year, feels like a perfect summation of this poignancy. See it and more through Dec. 6th ❤️
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We’re ready for the opening of untitledartfair today with a portraiture focused booth that includes 16 of our fantastic artists from 9 different countries! Come find us at booth A46!Artists on view:
Afifa Aleiby (afifa_aleiby)
Amy Beager (amybeager )
Sara Berman (sarabermanartist )
Jonny Briggs (jonnybriggs176 )
Rebecca Brodskis (rebecca.brodskis )
Ruprecht von Kaufmann (ruprecht_v_kaufmann )
Tae Kim (taelogout)
Tewodros Hagos (tewodroshagos)
Richard Stone (artist_stone )
Zemba Luzamba (lutandaluzamba )
Soheila Sokhanvari (soheila_sokhanvari_ )
Wawi Navarroza (wawinavarroza )
Kelechi Nwaneri (kaecyart )
Iryna Maksymova ( )
Rufai Zakari (rufaiart )
Muhammad Zeeshan (muhammadzeeshan80 )
Opening Hours:
Tuesday 29 Nov, 11am–7pm
Wed, 30 Nov, 11am–7pm
Thu, 1 Dec, 11am–7pm
Fri, 2 Dec, 11am–7pm
Sat, 3 Dec, 11am–7pm
#untitledartfair #untitledart #untitledmiami #kristinhjellegjerdegallery
Hot off the press from #untitled #untitledmiami #untitledartfair … the independent #contemporaryart show you don’t want to miss. Do you think #donkeys can be art? Are these even donkeys?#artbasel #artbaselmiami #artbaselmiamibeach #artbaselhongkong #spectrummiami #scopemiamibeach #reddotmiami #artmiami #miamiartweek #pintamiami #nadamiami #miamibeach #artweekmiami


Public Hours

Tuesday, Dec 05, 11am – 7pm
Wednesday, Dec 06, 11am – 7pm
Thursday, Dec 7, 11am – 7pm
Friday, Dec 08, 11am – 7pm
Saturday, Dec 05, 11am – 7pm

“Balancing intellectual integrity and experimentation,”Miami welcomes the 11th edition of Untitled Art Fair on Miami Beach. Founded by Jeff Lawson, Untitled Art Fair is an innovative and inclusive platform. @untitledartfair #untitledartfair #untitledart2021

Admission / Tickets
General Admission: $40
Tickets Online
VIP Tues Dec 05 1pm–8pm

2022 Exhibitors

1969 Gallery (New York, NY)
31 PROJECT (Paris, France)
50 Golborne (London, UK)
Addis Fine Art (London, UK / Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)
albertz benda (New York, NY) 
Allouche Benias (Athens, Greece) 
Anna Erickson Presents (Nashville, TN)
Aperture (New York, NY)
Asya Geisberg Gallery (New York, NY)
Arts of Life/Circle Contemporary (Chicago, IL)
Artnueve (Murcia, Spain)
Badr El Jundi (Madrid, Spain) 
Benrubi Gallery (New York, NY) 
Bienvenu Steinberg & J (New York, NY)
Bill Arning Exhibitions (Houston, TX / Kinderhook, NY)
bitforms gallery (New York, NY / San Francisco, CA)
Bode Projects (Berlin, Germany)
C O U N T Y (Palm Beach, FL)
CARL KOSTYÁL GALLERY (London, UK / Stockholm, Sweden / Milan, Italy)
CARVALHO PARK (Brooklyn, NY) Casa Hoffmann (Bogotá, Colombia) 
Casemore Gallery (San Francisco, CA)
Cindy Rucker Gallery (New York, NY) 
Cirrus Gallery & Cirrus Editions Ltd. (Los Angeles, CA)
Cob Gallery (London, UK)
COHJU contemporary art (Kyoto, Japan)
Colector (Monterrey, Mexico) 
DANIELA ELBAHARA (Mexico City, Mexico)
Davidson Gallery (New York, NY)
De Buck Gallery (New York, NY / Saint Paul De Vence, France)
Denny Dimin Gallery (New York, NY) 
Diane Rosenstein Gallery (Los Angeles, CA)
Dimensions Variable (Miami, FL)
Dio Horia (Athens, Greece)
Double V Gallery (Marseille, France) 
Eden Airlines (Richmond, VA) 
Eduardo Secci (Florence / Milan, Italy) 
El Apartamento (La Habana, Cuba) 
Eleanor Harwood Gallery (San Francisco, CA)
Emerson Dorsch (Miami, FL)
Erin Cluley Gallery (Dallas, TX) 
Espacio Valverde (Madrid, Spain) 
FABIENNE LEVY (Lausanne, Switzerland)
Fran Reus (Mallorca, Spain) 
Fredericks & Freiser (New York, NY) 
G Gallery (Seoul, South Korea) 
GALERÍA ENRIQUE GUERRERO (Mexico City / Todos Santos, Mexico) 
Galería Espacio Continuo (Bogotá, Colombia)
Galeria MPA (Madrid, 

Galerie Christian Lethert (Cologne, Germany)
Galerie Droste (Düsseldorf, Germany / Paris, France)
Galerie Julien Cadet (Paris, France) 
Galerie Nicolas Robert (Montreal / Toronto, Canada)
Galerie Wolfsen (Aalborg, Denmark) Galleri Urbane (Dallas, TX) 
GALLERIA STUDIO G7 (Bologna, Italy)
Gallery Nosco (London, UK)
Geary (Millerton, NY)
General Expenses (Mexico City, Mexico)
Goldfinch (Chicago, IL)
HB381 (New York, NY)
Henrique Faria (New York, NY) 
High Noon (New York, NY) 
Huxley-Parlour (London, UK)
Il Chiostro (Saronno, Italy)
ISCA Gallery (Oslo, Norway)
Jane Lombard Gallery (New York, NY) 
JD Malat Gallery (London, UK)
Johansson Projects (Oakland, CA)
Jupiter Contemporary (Miami, FL)
KLEINDIENST (Leipzig, Germany)
Km 0.2 (San Juan, Puerto Rico)
KORNFELD (Berlin, Germany)
Kravets Wehby Gallery (New York, NY)
Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery (London, UK)L21 Gallery (Palma de Mallorca / Barcelona, Spain)
La Balsa Arte (Bogotá, Colombia)
LaMontagne Gallery (Boston, MA)
Laney Contemporary (Savannah, GA)
LatchKey Gallery (New York, NY)
Library Street Collective (Detroit, MI)
Lonely ROCKS (The Interverse)
Long Road Projects (Jacksonville, Florida)
Luce Gallery (Turin, Italy)
Luis De Jesus Los Angeles (Los Angeles, CA)
MAIA Contemporary (Mexico City, Mexico)
MARC STRAUS (New York, NY) Marisa Newman Projects (New York, NY)
Max Estrella (Madrid, Spain) MKG127 (Toronto, Canada)
Morgan Lehman Gallery (New York, NY)
National (San Juan, Puerto Rico)
Nueveochenta (Bogotá, Colombia)
OCHI (Los Angeles, CA / Sun Valley, ID)
Pablo’s Birthday (New York, NY)
Parallel Circuit Presented by Dastan Gallery (Tehran, Iran)

PASTO (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Patrick Heide Contemporary Art (London, UK)
PLAN X (Milan / Capri, Italy)
PORTAS VILASECA (Rio de Janiero, Brazil)
Praise Shadows Art Gallery (Brookline, MA)
Richard Heller Gallery (Los Angeles, CA)
Richard Saltoun Gallery (London, UK / Rome, Italy)
Ronchini Gallery (London, UK)
Room57 Gallery (New York, NY)
SARAI Gallery (SARADIPOUR) (Mahshahr, Iran)
School of Visual Arts Galleries (New York, NY)
Sean Horton (Presents) (New York, NY / Berlin, Germany)
SEASONS LA (Los Angeles, CA)
Selenas Mountain (New York, NY)
SEPTEMBER (Kinderhook, NY)
SEPTIEME Gallery (Paris, France / Cotonou, Benin)
SGR Galería (Bogotá, Colombia)
Shelter (New York, NY)
Southern Guild (Cape Town, South Africa)
Steve Turner (Los Angeles, CA)
THE PILL ® (Istanbul, Turkey)
TAFETA (London, UK)
TERN Gallery (Nassau, Bahamas)
The Bonnier Gallery (Miami, FL / New York,NY)
The Flat-Massimo Carasi (Milan, Italy)
The Locker Room Gallery (Brooklyn, NY)
The New Arts Foundation (Los Angeles, CA)
The Next Contemporary (Toronto, Canada)
The Something Machine (Bellport, NY)
Vigo Gallery (London, UK)
Voloshyn Gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Webber Gallery (London, UK / Los Angeles, CA)
WHATIFTHEWORLD (Cape Town, South Africa)
Woaw Gallery (Hong Kong)
Yancey Richardson Gallery (New York,NY)
Yossi Milo Gallery (New York, NY)
Zidoun-Bossuyt Gallery (Dubai, UAE / Luxembourg City, Luxembourg / Paris, France)
ZieherSmith (Nashville, TN)
Zielinsky (Barcelona, Spain)
Zilberman (Istanbul, Turkey)

Albertz Benda

1 212-244-2579 515 W 26th St, New York, NY 10001

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Untitled Art

Participants are selected for their curatorial integrity and international reach, with several galleries coming from outside mainstream art hubs. Emerging artists, young galleries and non-profit organizations are supported through NEST, a new sector that offers subsidized booths to mitigate traditional entry barriers associated with art fair participation. The first to launch an online art fair, Untitled Art continually invests in new technologies to make contemporary art collecting more accessible to new audiences and is dedicated to advancing responsible culture by actively using its platform to amplify under-represented voices. 184 Kent Avenue Brooklyn, NY, USA 11211

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