Miami Art Week

December 05- 10 2023

ABMB(Art Basel) began in 2002 as a singular fair however that name is NOW synonymous with Miami Art Week and ALL the events during that week.  

+15 art fairs that starting late Nov or early Dec in Miami.  ABMB, NADA Miami, and Untitled Miami, are the MUST see art fairs during Miami Art Week. The works shown at the aforementioned 3 fairs represents the most collectible and exciting emergent art in the world.  Design Miami is top notch for interior designers, with furniture, etc.  

Scope Art Show is high ranking as is Art Miami, however these art fairs are generally showing works leaning more in the decorative direction by artists whose careers are not as tightly being stewarded.  What this means, the works are less investable.  Or they are 2nd market artist such as Jeff Koons.  Either way, these fairs are not my priority.   That said, in 2021 one of my favorite pieces was at Scope Art Show.  So I would prioritize the first 3 shows, and visit the others, time permitting.  



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Wow! Titled ‘Living between 2 Universes,’ there’s a lot to see in this 🎨 2alasofficial okudart collaboration.

📍48 NW 29th St, Wynwood Miami

#okudasanmiguel #2alas #miamiartweek #wynwoodmurals #wynwood #miamistreetart

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Miami Herald video from Miami Art Week

Video Tour of Miami

When does Miami Art Basel (ABMB) end?

Saturday December the 3rd at 7pm

Is Miami Art Week the Same as Miami Art Basel?

Miami Art Basel (ABMB) is ONE of 12 art fairs during Miami Art Week.

Is Miami Art Basel the Same as Miami Beach Art Basel?

It DEPENDS. "Miami Art Basel," refers to ALL the art fairs. Or, it may refer to 1 specific art fair that takes place on Miami Beach, The Miami Art Basel Fair.

Which art fairs are on Miami Beach during Miami Art Week 2022?

Art Basel, Untitled, Scope, AquaArt, Ink Art Fair, Design Miami, Satellite Art Show

What is the cost of Art Fairs During Miami Art Week.

Ink is FREE and ABMB is $65/day. Full Art Fair PRICE and Date Guide on

When Do Art Fair open at Miami Art Week?

Most Art Fairs Open at 11am, Nov 20- Dec 03. Click for Full Art Fair price, map, hours,

What are dates for Art Basel Miami Beach 2022?

December 1, 2022 11:00 am - december 3, 2022 7:00 pm

Which art museum to visit during Miami Art Week?

The Bass Museum is on Miami Beach and in Miami Proper you have ICA near Design district and Perez in Downtown Brickell.