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Miami Art Week 2023

Updated 09/18/2023 by: Ryan Lutz

Top 5 Miami Art Fairs

ABMB Art Basel Miami Beach 2023

Art Basel Miami BeachMiami Beach Convention Center, 1901 Convention Ctr Dr, Miami Beach, FL 3313908DECAll Day

#1, Art Basel Miami Beach

Art Basel Miami Beach: is also known as #ABMB and its the #1 "Must-See" art fair during Miami Art Week. It attracts renowned galleries and collectors, providing a platform to showcase extraordinary contemporary artworks. ABMB focuses on new, unseen works, known as primary market pieces, offering visitors a glimpse into the forefront of artistic expression and cultural relevance. Secondary market work at ABMB are going to be cultural works of the highest signifigance such as the Gladstone gallery representing the Robert Rauschenberg estate.

#2, Design Miami

Design Miami is a personal favorite with the focus being "collectible design."  There are some booths such as Mindy Solomon Gallery which is there seemingly showing ceramics as well as R and Company.  

However, most of the booths are showing furniture and interior design products at the highest iteration from galleries The Future Perfect, Galerie Maria Wettergren, and Objects of Common Interest.  If you didnt make it to Design Miami 2022 you can click the link below and check out my favorite booth and 6 mini interviews.  

Design Miami 2022
Untitled Miami

Untitled Art Fair 2023Untitled Art Miami Beach, Ocean Dr &, 12th St, Miami Beach, FL 3313906DECAll Day

#3, Untitled Miami

Untitled Miami:Untitled art fair is recognized for its curated selection of contemporary artworks, with a strong emphasis on emerging artists. This fair showcases fresh perspectives and thought-provoking concepts, contributing to its reputation for artistic significance and innovation.

NADA MIami 2023

Nada MiamiIce Palace Studios, 1400 N Miami Ave, Miami, FL 3313605DECAll Day

#4, NADA Miami

NADA Miami (New Art Dealers Alliance):NADA serves as a platform for galleries and artists at the cutting edge of contemporary art. It features unconventional and experimental artworks, reflecting the dynamic and evolving nature of the art world. NADA presents an opportunity to discover emerging talents and engage with the latest artistic trends.

Scope Art Show 2023

Scope Miami BeachScope Art Show, 1130 Ocean Dr, Miami Beach, FL 3313905DECAll Day

#5, Scope Art Show

Scope Art Show Offer a diverse range of artworks, often leaning towards decorative styles. These fairs provide a platform to explore various artistic genres and styles, however the works seemingly attract a more novice collector.

Miami Art Week News

Stay Up-to-Date on the Latest Miami Art Week News.  We curate the top news article about Miami Art Week with a focus on our 5 favorite fairs.   We occasionally publish interviews with artists, curators, and collectors, as well as reviews of the latest exhibitions in Miami.  CLICK HERE

Art Fairs Summary

Introduction:Miami Art Week is an exciting time for art enthusiasts, collectors, and galleries alike. This vibrant event brings together a multitude of art fairs, each offering a unique perspective and a diverse array of artworks. In this article, we will delve into the prominent art fairs that make up Miami Art Week and explore their distinctive features, all while highlighting the significance of this annual celebration of creativity.

2022 Ticket Links, Dates, Admission prices

Miami Herald video from Miami Art Week

Video Tour of Miami

YouTube video

When does Miami Art Basel (ABMB) end?

Saturday December the 3rd at 7pm

Is Miami Art Week the Same as Miami Art Basel?

Miami Art Basel (ABMB) is ONE of 12 art fairs during Miami Art Week.

Is Miami Art Basel the Same as Miami Beach Art Basel?

It DEPENDS. "Miami Art Basel," refers to ALL the art fairs. Or, it may refer to 1 specific art fair that takes place on Miami Beach, The Miami Art Basel Fair.

Which art fairs are on Miami Beach during Miami Art Week 2022?

Art Basel, Untitled, Scope, AquaArt, Ink Art Fair, Design Miami, Satellite Art Show

What is the cost of Art Fairs During Miami Art Week.

Ink is FREE and ABMB is $65/day. Full Art Fair PRICE and Date Guide on

When Do Art Fair open at Miami Art Week?

Most Art Fairs Open at 11am, Nov 20- Dec 03. Click for Full Art Fair price, map, hours,

What are dates for Art Basel Miami Beach 2022?

December 1, 2022 11:00 am - december 3, 2022 7:00 pm

Which art museum to visit during Miami Art Week?

The Bass Museum is on Miami Beach and in Miami Proper you have ICA near Design district and Perez in Downtown Brickell.

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Miami Art Week 2023
Updated September 18, 2023  by Ryan Lutz