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Future Fair

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By Ryan Lutz May 14, 2023

Future Fair


Why so serious?!? Cause we working it at springbreakartshow in “Let’s Get Physical” curated exhibition by filosofiarts with works by moises.salazar.tlatenchi 🏋️‍♀️🧘‍♀️💅🏼🎉💖 I mean, this installation was made for any Richard Simmons’ theweightsaint fans…like us!!💪HONESTLY THO any muscle at all we have is due to the STRENGTH of our artists & curators, who persevered through 🏋️‍♀️QUITE THE WORKOUT🏋️‍♀️ of a year to produce ☝️ of our STRONGEST shows yetWe’re open until Monday, September 13th at 625 Madison Avenue at 59th apc.nyAnd, if you can’t make it to the PHYSICAL show, then the entire art fair of 130 exhibitions can be viewed online at springbreakartfair.comGet your tix and come play with us!Annual portrait by sammysachs#springbreakartshow #springbreakartfair #armoryshow #futurefair #independentartfair #artonpaperfair
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Chrissy Angliker “Reflection” w/Massey Klein @ Future Fair. #chrissyangliker #masseyklein #futurefair
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Brilliant sunset greeting!
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Future Fairs is a virtual art fair founded in 2020 by Mark Rosen and Lizy Dastin. Future fairs are “offering art galleries innovative marketing services through editorial digital storytelling and the annual exhibition platform.” They also have a profit sharing program for galleries and an intention to drive attention to the galleries exhibitions outside of the art fair model.

Check out Future Fairs Digital Catalog at this link. Its a nice clean UI with solid works. Im detailing some of my favorites below.

Future Art Fair NYC 2023

Video Tour of 2023 Future Art Fair by

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Dates Times

Thursday May 11, 12-7PM
Friday May 12, 12-7PM
Saturday May 13, 12-6PM
Closed Sunday

Noteworthy galleries
5-50 Gallery

Location: New York, NY
Founder: Sophie Mörner
Years in business: 4
Artist: Adam Sorensen is a contemporary painter based in California, known for his colorful and abstract compositions. His work explores the interplay between color, form, and texture, often drawing inspiration from natural landscapes and the built environment. Sorensen has exhibited his paintings in numerous solo and group exhibitions in galleries and museums across the United States.

Adam Sorensen

Asya Geisberg Gallery

Location: New York, NY
Founder: Asya Geisberg
Years in business: 12
Artist: GUÐMUNDUR THORODDSEN is an Icelandic artist known for his surreal, dream-like paintings and sculptures that blur the line between reality and fantasy. He often draws inspiration from Icelandic folklore and mythology, as well as his own personal experiences and dreams. Thoroddson’s work has been exhibited internationally, including at the National Gallery of Iceland and the Venice Biennale. To learn more about his art, visit his website at

Medium Tings

Location: Brooklyn, NY
Founder: Alexander Hovnanian and Jason Hoelscher
Years in business: 2
Artist: Davariz Broaden is a multidisciplinary artist based in Brooklyn, New York. Broaden’s work explores the interconnectivity of African diaspora, identity, and history through a variety of mediums including sculpture, installation, and performance. With a focus on repurposing materials, Broaden’s works are both thought-provoking and environmentally conscious. Visit Broaden’s website to see more of his striking and socially conscious art.


DAVARIZ BROADEN 24 x 36 in. acrylic and oil on canvas
where the grass is always green #7

Massey Klein Gallery

Location: New York, NY
Founder: Paul Massey and Damion Klein
Years in business: 4
Artist: Chrissy Angliker is a Swiss-American artist who creates bold and vibrant works that explore themes of identity, memory, and emotion. Her paintings and mixed media pieces often incorporate abstract forms and text, resulting in a layered and textured aesthetic. Angliker has exhibited her work in galleries and art fairs around the world. Visit her website at to see more of her captivating creations.

CHRISSY ANGLIKER | Morning After | 2022

Patrick Mikhail Gallery

Location: Montreal, Canada
Founder: Patrick Mikhail
Years in Business: 12
The gallery represents an international roster of emerging and established artists, and has a focus on cross-cultural and interdisciplinary practices. The gallery showcases a diverse range of media, including painting, sculpture, photography, video, and performance. Visit their website to learn more:

MELANIE DANIEL | Guardians | 2023

Future Fair

Future Fair grew out of the desire to build a capsule sized exhibition for galleries who participate in a global art market. Focused on transparency and equitability, we believe that through innovative, direct collaboration with and between exhibitors we can build a stronger community that moves artists and galleries forward.Future Fair officially launched in 2020, an unprecedented year eclipsed by the Covid-19 pandemic. With the postponement of the physical art fair to 2021, Future Fair Online was organized and commenced its debut edition on May 6 as part of a six week initiative, featuring a virtual kick-off event and sales for its 41 international galleries and project spaces. The program uplifted the voices of dealers and artists through online live events, artist interviews, kick-backs with DJ sets and editorial newsletters. All of which proved that meaningful, digital experiences can be made for art and the sales that support it.Future Fair hosted its first and second in-person exhibitions in September 2021 and May 2022 in Chelsea. It is a platform that is committed to exploring and producing in-person and digital collaborations and initiatives that champions pioneering artists who are actively pushing culture forward.Sign up for the Future Fair newsletter below to stay updated on the latest news and supplemental projects.GENERAL:HELLO@FUTUREFAIRS.COM VIP:VIP@FUTUREFAIRS.COM PRESS:AMANI@OLUCOMPANY.COM
+1 (646) 330-1039