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Quality Testing Your Website

Updated: 09/08/2023 By: Ryan Lutz

Instagram posts attract instant views.   Google posts garner views for weeks, months, and sometimes for years.   Also, Google shows your content to new audiences.  For connecting with new collectors at exhibitions and fairs, a well-optimized Google presence is your most powerful tool.  
Is your program is in a metro city?   An optimized website allows Google to steward collectors through the doors of your exhibitions and events.  So you gain visibility ahead of other local galleries.  But first, your website must be optimized and pass Google's quality tests.   

Google employs a PASS/FAIL test for Speed and Stability.  

We tested 53 Tribeca art galleries for compliance.  Shockingly, 94% of Tribeca art galleries FAIL Google's Quality test.  This indicates their websites provide subpar performance, frustrating visitors.

Google Page Speed Inisghts

Speed & Stability Testing

Google monitors your website's performance and provides an AVERAGE score over the preceding 28 days, marking it as PASS or FAIL through the PageSpeed Insights test.

Website speed testing can be confusing, with many "professionals" unsure. Google's test is the sole authentic measure, reflecting real visitor experiences on your site.

Hence, the pink PASS/FAIL score (below) is the sole significant metric on this page.

Google shows "No Data" instead of a PASS or FAIL in two situations:

  1. After a major webpage redesign.
  2. When the site's visitor count is too low in the previous 28 days.  This means your website is getting so few visitors that Google can not render any score.

Testing Summary (Optional)

Testing Instructions

1. Click the "test now" link below.
2. Enter your website address.
3. Click "ANALYZE" and wait around 30 seconds.
4. Receive a PASS or FAIL rating.
5. Toggle to view both Desktop and Mobile scores.

Images and Art Websites

Tesla cars are reliable, powerful, and affordable because computer components have doubled in power and dropped 50% in price. 

If you have an art website, you need top TECH for delivering images quickly, especially for mobile and international visitors.  

Is your website FAILING Google's PageSpeed Insights test?  We can resolve this problem with a tailored solution to work seamlessly with your current website hosting + workflow.  We also offer hosting options and website integrations onto Litespeed servers by A2 hosting(which we highly recommend).  

Litespeed Hosting

Our Process & Results:

Passing Google's Page Speed Test

SSL certificate proper implemented

Local & international web visitors will have a good experience

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WARNING: Boring Technical info below

Good Page Experience

Google generates 16 times more traffic than Instagram. Every year, hundreds of thousands of contemporary art queries are made about NYC, LAX, and Miami.  

Passing Google's Page Speed test is the key to achieving the coveted "good page experience" from Google. 

A 4 second delay in website load causes a 400% increase in website abandonment

PASS/FAIL Testing your website

Page Experience consists of three components: Mobile Usability, Security, and Core Web Vitals. Resolving the first two is relatively straightforward.

The last one which relates to speed of loading is a challenge with art galleries due to images SLOWING the loading.  Interestingly, visual art organizations and galleries have been slow in adapting mobile-first standards.

In April 2023, I conducted a speed audit on 51 Tribeca art galleries. Shockingly, only three galleries passed Google's Page Experience test on both desktop and mobile platforms. Notably, Artsy.net and David Zwirner's platformart.com failed this audit as well.  TRIBECA SPEED AUDIT

CDN's Servers & Speed

Visual art websites that feature high-resolution images require robust technology. However, most of these websites are a decade behind in terms of technology.

Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) consist of server groups located in metropolitan areas. They store your website on multiple servers worldwide, ensuring that your visitors can access your high-resolution images quickly. Implementing a well-engineered CDN is essential for visual art websites.

Above The Fold, Size, & Scripts

There is content which your iphone or laptop loads that is visible when your visit a website.  And there is MORE content when you scroll down on a website.  

The content that loads before you scroll down is called "above the fold." 

To make your website load fast, it must be engineered to put all the computer energy into loading the content that is visible "above the fold."  And pause the loading of anything that is below.

Core Web Vitals - Details for 3 tests

  • LCP - The 1st image or text box on the screen must load in < 2 seconds
  • CLS - Stability= images, video, & text shift during load  must be <10%
  • FID - <300ms delay before the page is interactive

All 3 above "Core Web Vitals" must PASS, to achieve the "Good Page Experience."

> 90% of Art Websites Fail Google's Quality Test.
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Quality Testing Your Website
Updated September 8, 2023  by Ryan Lutz