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Updated: 06/26/2023 By: Ryan Lutz

Our Impetus

24.2 million Miami visitors in 2021 with
630,000* planing to visit Miami art galleries.

There is no authoritative source for visitors to indentify and connect with visual artists of interest.  

*Total not including international or domestic visitors.
Data from miamiandbeaches.com, (2021)

Perception-  "Miami Art" is misrepresented with top emergent artists, studios, and galleries BURIED in Google's results.

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Increasing professional opportunities for artists by maximizing local Google visibility.

"Google focused" - Meeting art enthusiasts where they are searching, GOOGLE.  


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Local - Identifying and supporting top local artists in specific markets such as Miami, Tribeca, and Atlanta.

Juried-  Local artists choosing the practices most representative of their city.

Inclusive-  Regardless of race, gender, socioeconomic status, or sexuality.  


Maximizing Google visibility into local visual art culture.   In cities such as Miami this hundreds of thousands Google users every year.  

In Demand- Travelers are visiting metro cities like Miami to connect with visual artists.


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Eater.com- A proven collaborative blogging model for publishing content online


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Collaborative, Consistent, Adaptive- For exponetextremely competitive market.  


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Integrated- Instagram is critical, but sandboxed away from Google.  We have integrated and automated Insta content into Google, thus MULTIPLY your efforts

"The pen is mightier
 than the sword"

Hi, Im Ryan Lutz,
Founder of xzib.com. 

24.2 million travelers visit Miami every year.
+/-1 million are intending to visit Miami's commercial art galleries. *  
Collectors are finding it near impossible to invest in art/artists meeting their aesthetic and budget.  

At xzib.com I leverage SEO (search engine optimization) used by top organization like Whitney and Moma in NYC, Bakehouse Art Complex and Miami ICA.   Im VERY excited to avail these technologies to art galleries as well as artists so their impact can be maximized.  

There are various way to collaborate with us click HERE to learn more.

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*According to Greater Miami & Miami Beach 2021 Visitor Industry Overview
> 90% of Art Websites Fail Google's Quality Test.
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Updated June 26, 2023  by Ryan Lutz