Search Engine Optimization

Instacart, Amazon, Zillow, and Uber revolutionized the world by using Internet search engines like Google to share their "programs."   Every major industry has evolved to package content to satisfy Google, except the visual arts.

This lack of (Google) stewardship creates a cultural vacuum and financial challenges.  The vacuum is filled by online art galleries & corporations like Tripadvisor who undermine local culture and steal opportunities from local artists.  

Collaboration with and @galleryguides limits the cultural erosion and maximizes visibility for the local artists you love. Read the different ways you can collaborate with us.  Reach out when you have any questions.  



IG post Collab
Submit Details+IMAGES for a collaborative Instagram post to MAXIMIZE exposure for the exhibitions or art events you love.

DETAILS= Artists, Gallery/Museum, Title, Start Date, End Date, Comments

@galleryguides will
+ Tag you as a collaborator
+ Format the post
+ Add your commentary,
+ #'s and @'s

+  We optimize images for web perfection
+  Max exposure
+  Reposted to

Google form submission
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#2 Submit Events/Exhibitions

(exhibitions, openings, open studios etc)

Submit your event to our event calendar.  This will get get your event in search engines with JSON Schema, the preferred technical markup.

Achieve Google best practices without hiring a $200k a year professional marketer.

DETAILS= Artists, Gallery/Museum, Title, Start Date, End Date, Comments

#3 Review art exhibitions

Did you visit an exhibition you loved?  Write a review and submit it to to maximize  visibility for your favorite art exhibitions.  

#4 Be a juror

Accurately representing The Miami's culture is priority #1.   We use a jury process made of local respected Miami artists.    

Are you interested in stewarding Miami's visual art presence and particpating as a juror?  

The time commitment is relatively small and the impact is large.  Most activity involves nominating art practices and auditing nominations from other Miami jurors.  The process takes place in Google sheets.  So a smart phone and basic phone skills is all that is neccesary.  

"Rising tides lift all ships"

Ryan Lutz founder of

chief editor, Ryan

As chief editor I walked away from national recognition as a top clinician; an opportunity cost of millions.  I make this decision because art and the visual arts art important.    

Additionally, I think there is a metric ton of money by serving Google users and connecting collectors with top local artists.

Unlike Instagram Google provides a level playing field where success is inevitable with consistent effort and quality content.