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"Miami" has the only good art in Florida?  No way Jose.

"Miami Art" IS 2x more popular on Google.
Yes, Miami art exhibitions are world class.. rivaling Tribeca, Chelsea, and Berlin.  

However, Florida contemporary art is growing, fast!  Strong museums and talented curators are bringing top contemporary art exhibitions to Florida cities.  And many larger cities across Florida are stepping their game up, and showing high level contemporary art.  

- Artis Naples Baker Museum is a great museum and sculpture garden.  
- Cornell Fine Arts museum in Winter Park.
- OMA Orlando- Basquiat exhibition, aside.  Phenomenal museum
Sarasota art museum is well worth your time.  

I thumbed my nose at Florida art for many years.  Only visiting museum internationally, or in the biggest US metro cities. And that was a mistake, because I was ignorant of the facts.  Top contemporary artwork can be seen all over Florida.  And it just keeps getting better. 

I have noticed that my local SBDAC in Fort Myers is continually increasing in the quality of art exhibitions.  Wasmer Gallery on the Campus of FGCU in Fort Myers is great.  The point is, is you begin to look, you will find there is great contemporary art all over  Florida!