Language Of The Internet

Many countries have unique languages/dialects as does the "internet" and SEO (search engine optimization) is speaking "the language of the internet."

Listing exhibitions on your website is easy. But there is zero chance of Google promoting your exhibitions without using the  "language of the internet."

Schema is the exact language of the internet created by Google.  And when you use Google's preferred schema you create an opportunity for Google to feature your work to thousands of collectors.  

Creating Instagram content is preaching to the choir, an "echo chamber" with diminishing returns for many emergent artists.  HOWEVER, Google is the place where you can meet new collectors.  And our publishing process is the exact process used by only the most presitgious (and well funded) art organizations like MOMA NYC and Whitney Museum.  

Rich Snippets are the way that Google features content at the TOP of the search listings.   Click on the images below for rich Snippets on Google (by  

Google Feature details

Getting featured involves 2 steps, Translating your art events to Schema, and then crossing your fingers and hoping that Google gives you a Rich Snippet

SCHEMA -  Google, Bing, and Yahoo developed a language called MOMA NYC and the Whitney use event schema (the language of the internet) to maximize their programing.  And we are provide this exact service to artists, galleries, and museums.  

Rich Snippets is the way Google features their best content.  And you can see some examples of rich snippets displayed on Google.

You can see 1 example of an exhibition listing with SCHEMA and 3 examples of RICH SNIPPETS featured on Google by  These are for Hampton Fine Art fair, Superfine Miami, and NYC art fairs which means is stewarding the most engaged art collectors in the world.    

Schema FAQ

​Wh​at is Schema?

​Schema is the EXACT Language of the internet required by Google and other search engines for being featured.

Can I test my webpages ​for proper schema?

YES! Visit, click Authenticator, and paste your webpage

Which pages ​need schema?

Every page you want featured on Google needs proper schema

How do I add schema to my own pages?

Watch this video to learn how to create event schema ​+ artist schema + location schema​

Why submit events via

#1 ​Schema is complicated, time consuming and requires consistency
#2 Years of trial/error ​and 1000's published makes us experts on success

Is a Google feature guaranteed with schema?

NO. Google features are never guaranteed. However the best content always wins on Google if submitted properly

Submission FAQ

Who Qualifies to list exhibitions on 
 IF you have been shown at a gallery, museum, or studio listed on than you likely qualify to participate.

What is the cost to list on 
We will charge a fee just like, eventually.  However qualified artists and galleries are receiving discounted or free listing options through 2023.  

*SEARCH ENGINES = Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, DuckDuckGO