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05/24/2023  by: Ryan Lutz

Aesthetica Magazine ranked #11 art news publisher.  Founded in 2002 and producing UK content with in-depth interviews with artists and curators, plus insightful commentary on exhibitions, events, and trends. Aesthetica focus is the intersection of art, design, and technology.  Other programming include Aesthetica Short Film Festival |  Art Prize |  Future Now Symposium | Creative Writing Award.

Pride Month:Art to Discover

Here are exhibitions and events to note in the UK, Europe and US, from photography shows and collection tours to day-long festivals and talks. The post Pride Month:Art to Discover…

- Aesthetica Magazine - Eleanor Sutherland
The Importance of Water

Ian Berry's black-and-white monograph Water documents “man’s neglect and greedy usage of the natural resources of our planet”. The post The Importance of Water appeared first on Aesthetica Magazine.

- Aesthetica Magazine - Eleanor Sutherland
Photography Shows for the Summer

Summer is almost here and what better way to celebrate than with a dose of dynamic and vibrant art. This selection showcases the very best. The post Photography Shows for…

- Aesthetica Magazine - Chloe Elliott
New Creatives:Top Graduate Shows 2023

You saw them here first. This summer, we survey the exciting talent coming out of leading UK art schools. This is the place to discover the next big thing. The…

- Aesthetica Magazine - Eleanor Sutherland
Sensory Technology

Thin Air is a gargantuan, walk-through immersive art experience that highlights potential future directions for multidisciplinary art. The post Sensory Technology appeared first on Aesthetica Magazine.

- Aesthetica Magazine - Fruzsina Vida
Glacial Topography

Half of the world’s glaciers will vanish by 2100. Artist Julian Charrière "gives the dark side of the polar region a new voice" in compelling installations. The post Glacial Topography…

- Aesthetica Magazine - Fruzsina Vida
Visual Revolution

Ori Gersht is known for destroying painstakingly recreated versions of classical paintings, responding to time periods of technological revolution. The post Visual Revolution appeared first on Aesthetica Magazine.

- Aesthetica Magazine - Fruzsina Vida
History & Ecology:The June / July Issue

In order to fully understand the past and present, it is important to look at some of the key turning points in the history of humanity. Preview the new issue…

- Aesthetica Magazine - Fruzsina Vida
Dynamic Expression

Photographer Djeneba Aduayom turns to the layered and contrasting emotions within people and their complex relationship to landscape. The post Dynamic Expression appeared first on Aesthetica Magazine.

- Aesthetica Magazine - Fruzsina Vida
Shaping The Future

Photographer Sarfo Emmanuel Annor is fascinated by colour: drawn to the subject of African youth and its “power to shape the continent’s future." The post Shaping The Future appeared first…

- Aesthetica Magazine - Fruzsina Vida
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Aesthetica News
Updated May 24, 2023  by Ryan Lutz
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