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1 54 Contemporary Art Fair


"I am the prince who reigns in joy, by sharing and in mutual help, in spite of the obstacle of daily life. My throne is on an oil field, my people do not have access to it, and my kingdom is on an untapped farmland. I am sure and I hope (Hope) that our children will cultivate all our fields and will share the crops in the night under the trees and the sunlight.I am the queen mother hen who was plucked by my princes and princesses. Hope (Hope) with all my heart that they will fly with my feathers.I am the child, happy and funny, surrounded by adults haunted by their glorious past and concerned about their future, while I take advantage of the present, and I hope (Hope) to share their glorious future...I am the capricious child with an angel face. My days are punctuated by tears, broken joys and unpaid claims. I hope that when I grow up I will look like my little sister of 2 years old who is funny, happy, sharing and autonomous...I am a human being transformed into a shadow by an artist who had the chance to travel to several countries. He made photos in which he integrates my photos of everyday life or not. He turns my body into shadows in his studio which is in perpetual motion. I hope (Hope) that I will also have the chance to travel as much as my shadow.I am the shadow that navigates a virtual world that has become so real that my reality has become virtual.We are in a world filled with shadows surrounded by a few people. We hope that the majority of our shadows will become the people we were.Why did we become spectators of drama that we could have avoided?Why are we so alone in the middle of all?I’m just a shadow, your shadow, their shadows, my shadow.”
Saidou Dicko
Painted photography (unique piece)
This piece is part of the exhibition "LA POÉSIE DU LIEN" opening on Saturday 27/03 at the gallery.
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La beauté même du portrait moderne africain contemporain. Non pas une déesse, une Vénus, mais une femme. Non de face mais de profil, pour éviter un trop puissant regard. Sans pose mais sans fausse pose non plus. Sans autre bijou qu'une boucle d'oreille, punctum ou pas. Sans préciosité dans le pinceau, sans débordement. Sans couleurs vives dans le vêtement, un noir élégant comme la liberté seule peut l'être. Sans sensualité autre que la beauté, sans cible. Sans mots. Un prénom dans le titre, Aïcha. Une vie. Rien de plus pour animer une pratique difficile comme la peinture d'une force extraordinaire, qui mobilise avec son élan l'histoire de l'art moderne et contemporain. Admiration, gratitude, émotion.#thesilentmirror #154artfair #marrakeshartfair #mbarekbouhchichi
Image via whitewall.art 154artfair galerielatelier21 mbarekbouhchichi
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ocheja_johnson is a painter from Kogi State, Nigeria. Entirely self-taught, Ocheja depicts scenes of Black subjects with a focus on consciousness and notions of beauty, often using an impasto technique with his fingers to produce marks inspired by the cultural practice of scarification. His use of deep blue pigment represents royalty, while orange symbolises confidence.Johnson Ocheja will be represented by galleryjasonshin at 1-54 New York 2022!Image: Johnson Ocheja, Golden girl, 2021, Oil and acrylic on canvas, 193 x 193 cm. Courtesy of Jason Shin.
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meanwhile, somewhere in 40.71°N 74°W…
team + (some) artists = family1-54 Presents:⁠
Sparkling Islands, Another Postcard of the Caribbean ⁠Curated by Caryl Ivrisse Crochemar & [creative renegades society.]⁠ creativerenegades⁠
April Bey (aprilbey_), Jean-Ulrick Désert (jeanulrickdesert), Roland Dorcély, Adler Guerrier (adlerguerrier), Deborah Jack (debjack0), Leasho Johnson (leasho_johnson), Remy Jungerman (remy.jungerman), Anina Major (aninamajor), Johanna Mirabel (johanna.mirabel.art), Zak Ové (zakove), Nyugen E. Smith (bundlehouse), Yoan Sorin (yoan_sorin), and Alberta Whittle (purebred.mongrel). ⁠
11 - 20 May 2023
10 am - 6 pm (closed on sunday)
High Line Nine, 507 W 27th St, New York, NY 10001⁠photo: © Eva Sakellarides 2023
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Last weekend, Frieze London took place, and parallel to it, so did 1-54 Art Fair, a fair for contemporary African art and art from the African Diaspora, that also featured an installation and performance by artist Grada.Kilomba in the courtyard of Somerset House. For those who missed out on visiting this 10th edition in person, or simply want to continue browsing through the works, the fair will continue online for another two weeks, until October 31st. ⁠
Vergangenes Wochenende fand die Frieze London statt, und parallel der 1-54 Art Fair, eine Messe für zeitgenössische afrikanische Kunst und Kunst aus der afrikanischen Diaspora. Den Hof des Somerset House, wo die Messe stattfand, bespielte die Künstlerin Grada.Kilomba mit einer großen Installation und Performance. Für all jene, die es verpasst haben, persönlich im Somerset House vorbei zu schauen oder schlicht weiter durch die Werke stöbern möchten, läuft die Messe noch bis zum 31. Oktober online weiter.⁠
Image: Tewodros Hagos (tewodroshagos), "Journey (56)", Courtesy kristinhjellegjerdegallery⁠
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February 9 -12 2023
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