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Are you looking for a local art guide?
Perhaps you are visiting Miami, Bozeman, Berlin etc...  and looking to find the best art exhibition, museums, or studios.  Or, maybe you reside in Ohio, and want to view new 2022 NYC artworks?

Well you are not alone.  Tens of thousands of people looking for local art every month.    

Google Art Guides

In 2017 my partner and I were looking to invest in a statement piece of art.  In Miami on South Beach, and our pool day rained out.   We began to search Google for art galleries.  

Trusting Google, we set out in our UBER.   Unfortunately,  Google sent us to tourist galleries.  Art Galleries selling overpriced and low quality artworks.  Works that were neither consistent with Miami's Diasporic melting pot, influneces or the crisp contemporary aesthetic of Miami based artists.

What we found, tourist nonsense from artists with no connection to Miami, aside from the art gallery franchise selling their works...

On the next page, we are going to discuss "Art Tourism," vs "Tourist Art."  

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