Marika Thunder: Texas / Yeshiva

Marika Thunder: Texas / YeshivaNina Johnson Gallery, 6315 NW 2nd Ave, Miami, Florida 3315012JANAll Day18FEB


(Thursday January 12th, 2023) - (Saturday February 18th, 2023) (All Day)(GMT-04:00)


this new body of work explores the subject of duality and facing binaries, as well its role in the artist’s self-formation by placing two seemingly unrelated series of paintings in conversation, together representing the power of a community united under a common objective.

Born in New York City, the artist spent formative years living in several states including Texas, California, and Pennsylvania, with each location creating a split in her personal identity.

Thunder draws inspiration from photographs taken at a street parade in Corpus Christi, Texas, and at an all-boys Yeshiva boarding school in Westchester, New York, for two new series of oil paintings.