Jupiter Contemporary | Fabio Menino | review by Nicole Maynard

Jupiter Contemporary | Fabio Menino | review by Nicole MaynardJupiter Contemporary, 1217 71st Street, Miami Beach, FL 3314117JUL(JUL 17)11:32 am20AUG(AUG 20)11:32 am

ScreeMiami Beach art Exhibition Dylan Rose Rheingold — JUPITER


(Sunday July 17th, 2022) - (Saturday August 20th, 2022)


Let’s go to the beach! Jupiter is the place to go for art before or after you hit the sand. Gabriel Kilongo launched the gallery on March 5, 2022. Two days later, the gallery made a splash in Rachel Fedler’s article for The New York Times.

Fabio Menino

At Jupiter, you can expect to see fresh art in an intimate setting. Currently on view is Fábio Menino: Bateria Arriada (Low Battery). Fábio Menino (b. 1989, São Paulo, Brazil) paints everyday objects to address consumption, the economy, and society. These objects include irons, saws, scissors, and power tools. Steering wheels and logos of luxury car brands seem related yet from another world. What do these shiny objects reflect? Could Menino’s work also be commenting on class, culture, or gender roles? In any case, some details stand out. The texture of a wheel, the pattern of a watermelon, and the glass and metal of a blender show the artist’s care.

Menino’s paintings have been exhibited at the Rio Art Museum, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Paço das Artes, São Paulo, Brazil; and Sesc Ribeirão Preto, Ribeirão Preto, Brazil; among others. It will be interesting to see how this artist’s ideas develop further through his own labor.