November 2023

Art Fair 14C

Art Fair 14C

14C Art FAir NYC


10 (Friday) 2:32 am - 12 (Sunday) 2:32 am


5th Edition of Art Fair 14C with 100’s of artists from NJ, NY and international art with 46,000+ sq. Booths are subsidized increasing visibility

November 10 – 12, 2023 at the Armory in the McGinley Square area of Jersey City, New Jersey. The Armory is a new venue for Art Fair 14C this year, and its 46,000+ sq ft of exhibition space will allow us to have our biggest fair yet. The Armory is in the McGinley Square area of Jersey City, a short walk from the Journal Square PATH with ample parking.

Our nonprofit model is an art fair that reduces the barriers for access to the art world, for both visitor and exhibitor. Our subsidized exhibition booths are offered at cost or below cost, allowing smaller galleries, as well as non-traditional exhibitors, the opportunity to gain art fair experience at a fraction of the usual cost.