September 2022

Exposed Art Exhibition | -9/30

03SEP(SEP 3)9:45 pm30(SEP 30)9:45 pmExposed Art Exhibition | -9/30


Harumi Abe, Charles Jackson Adkins Jr., Alissa Alfonso, Nathalie Alfonso, AMLgMATD, Duane Brant, Pip Brant, Carola Bravo, Randy Burman, Margarita Cano, Pablo Cano, Jen Clay, Stephanie Cunningham, Eduardo DaRosa,
Julie Davidow, John DeFaro, Elaine Defibaugh, Giannina Dwin, Christian Feneck, Rosemary Fineberg, Daniel Fiorda, Violenta Flores (aka Juan Carlos Zaldivar), Becky Franco , Brooke Frank, Yves Gabriel, Nick Gilmore, Bonney Goldstein, Francie Bishop Good, Jen Gravelle, Patricia Schnall Gutierrez, Donna Haynes, Jeanne Jaffe, Carol Jazzar, Scott Jeffries, Luke Jenkins, Freddy Jouwayed, Harold Kahn, KX2, Michiko Kurisu, Sophia Lacroix, Francesco LoCastro,
Cheryl Maeder, Nick Mahshie, Jordan Massengale, PJ Mills, Artem Mirelovich, Janet Mueller, Rosa Naday Garmendia, Peggy Nolan, Deborah Perlman, Kerry Phillips, Vickie Pierre, Judy Polstra, Sri Prabha, Victoria Ravelo, Karen Rifas,
Samantha Salzinger, Richard Sauer, Ingrid Schindall, Elle Schorr, Lauren Shapiro, Alette Simmons-Jimenez,
Carmen Smith, Karen Snouffer, Nina Surel, Gerbi Tsesarskaia, Kiki Valdes, Tom Virgin, Michelle Weinberg,
Jill Weisberg, Armando Zamora

For the 14th edition of this popular exhibition and fund-raiser, the Center will give ticket buyers on the closing-night draw two options for selecting their artwork – in person in the Center’s Main Gallery or they can have a designated Center staff member pick their artwork by proxy while watching the event live streamed on the Center’s Facebook Live. For details on how proxies work, please call 954.921.3274. 

Vickie Pierre

A solo exhibition of new works by artist Emilio Perez. This exhibition, composed of large-scale paintings produced over the past year, explores the artists' connection with the tropical landscape. Perez's paintings exemplify the dynamic forces of nature and lead the viewer through unfolding narratives of fictional, intimate, and emotional places.


Nick Mahshie

Nick Mahshie, b.1985 in Southwest Miami-Dade County, Florida and lives and works in Miami, Florida. Mahshie received a Masters of Design degree in Fashion, Body & Garment in 2017 from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Painting from Rhode Island School of Design in 2007. Shifting freely between Art & Design practices, his work makes clear reference to the visual language of saturated Miami culture while challenging the seductive palette of both our landscape and our sartorial inclinations. His background in Painting, Fashion, and Print Design coalesce in the immersive installations, wearable sculpture and designed objects he creates.


Nathalie Alfonso

Nathalie Alfonso (b. 1987, Bogota, Colombia) currently lives in South Florida. Alfonso holds a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts from Southern Methodist University, Dallas TX, and a Bachelor in Fine Arts from Florida International University, Miami FL. Alfonso has exhibited and performed her work in public spaces, such as NSU Art Museum Fort Lauderdale, Dimensions Variable, Spinello Projects, Art and Culture Center Hollywood, Miami Beach Urban Studios, The Projects – Fat Village, Miami Beach Botanical Gardens, Sweet Pass Sculpture Park, Site131, Marymount University. Alfonso received the SouthFlorida Cultural Consortium (SFCC) 19/20, she was awarded the Experiencing Perspectives Mercedez-Benz Financial Services prize in 2019, and she has received the Jones Fund and Zelle Fund Grant. She has been selected to be part of the Home + Away Art Residency by Oolite Arts Miami in Atlantic Center for the Arts in Smyrna FL, and The Anderson Ranch in Snowmass Colorado. Unseen work and the exercise of emotional control are central to Alfonso's practice. The qualities of invisibility and visibility become the foundations from which she develops drawings, installations, performances, and videos.


Carola Bravo

ABOUT THE ARTIST Carola Bravo has been subject to numerous group and solo exhibitions in galleries, institutions, and museums worldwide. She has been featured in, among others, The Wall Street Journal, El Nuevo Herald, ArtNexus Magazine, and other international newspapers and publications. Her solo exhibitions in Miami, Florida, include: “Inhabited Geometries” (2019)- Bernice Steinbaum Gallery; “Blurred Borders” (2016) – The Frost Art Museum; “We are where we are not” (2013) – The Screening Room. Some of her awards and public art commissions are Winner of the Open Calls for MiGlo Project-Miami Lakes (2021); The Baptist Hospital-Doral Public Art Competition (2019); Miami Dade Art in Public Places-Royal Caribbean’s Cruise Line Innovation Lab, Miami (2017); Honorable Mention for Public Intervention- XI Architecture National Biennale, Caracas-Venezuela (2014); “Lorenzo Il Magnífico Award” VII Biennale Internazionale dell’ Arte Contemporanea, Florence-Italy (1999); and the “First Prize” – 24th annual National Art Salon of Aragua. Maracay, Venezuela (1999). With a commitment to education, in 2014, she founded HARTVEST PROJECT, an art venture dedicated to promoting art appreciation and collecting. Bravo is a former Titular Professor, Chair of the Architecture and Art Department, and Head of the Art Section at the Simon Bolívar University in Caracas, Venezuela. Carola holds a Ph.D. in Architecture (2016), an MA. in Art History (2003) from the Universidad Central de Venezuela, as well as a BSc in Architecture from the University of the Arts, Philadelphia, USA (1987).


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