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05/20/2023  by: Ryan Lutz

NPR focuses on US based contemporary art galleries, museums, and art fairs in its art and design section. With in-depth reporting, interviews, and analysis, NPR's coverage provides insights into the art world's latest developments, trends, and controversies. From emerging artists to established masters, NPR's journalists bring a fresh perspective to art news, highlighting the social, cultural, and political implications of contemporary art.  As one would expect,  NPR's coverage of the arts is well written, informative, and engaging.

'This Is New York' exhibit is a gritty, stylish city celebration

A new exhibit at the Museum of the City of New York focuses on the Big Apple's impact on pop culture.

- Art & Design : NPR - Jennifer Vanasco
A Korean American connects her past and future through photography

Through her work, photographer Arin Yoon re-examines her connection to the U.S., reconsidering histories while exploring her connection to the landscape, her children and their past and future selves.

- Art & Design : NPR - Arin Yoon
An exhibition of Keith Haring's art and activism makes clear: 'Art is for everybody'

In the 1980s, Haring's cartoon-like images were everywhere — his figures of dancers, hearts, babies and dogs remain pop culture motifs. A new exhibition celebrates the artist who died in…

- Art & Design : NPR - Mandalit del Barco
Broad exhibit showcases Keith Haring, innovative pop culture artists from the '80s

Keith Haring was known for his colorful graffiti-style art and his AIDS activism. The late artist's work and life are the focus of a new museum exhibit in Los Angeles.

- Art & Design : NPR - Mandalit del Barco
People with disabilities aren't often seen in stock photos. The CPSC is changing that

The Consumer Product Safety Commission took photos of people with disabilities using home safety devices like flashlights and smoke alarms — then put them in the public domain for anyone…

- Art & Design : NPR - Rachel Treisman
LA's housing crisis raises concerns that the Fashion District will get squeezed

Los Angeles is planning to add 100,000 new apartments downtown. Garment workers and others now fear L.A.'s Fashion District and its factories won't survive the city's downtown housing boom.

- Art & Design : NPR - David Wagner
Aboard the next mission to ISS: space-inspired art created by kids

Fewer than 700 people have ever flown to space. For many, after they return to earth, they're struck by what they saw in orbit. A few of them try to…

- Art & Design : NPR - Brendan Byrne
Supreme Court sides against Andy Warhol Foundation in copyright infringement case

In its 7-2 ruling Thursday, the Supreme Court said the late artist infringed on a photographer's copyright when he created a series of works based on an image of the…

- Art & Design : NPR - Chloe Veltman
Meet the eye-opening curator behind hundreds of modern art exhibitions

Walter Hopps was a visionary and — long before Instagram — an influencer. The Menil Collection in Houston is showing works by 70 artists Hopps spotted, acquired, encouraged or enabled…

- Art & Design : NPR - Susan Stamberg
Here's the latest list of the '11 Most Endangered Historic Places' in the U.S.

"It's very hard to narrow the list," says the Chief Preservation Officer of the National Trust for Historic Preservation. The 2023 list includes a gas station, an artist studio and…

- Art & Design : NPR - Neda Ulaby
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NPR ART & Design News
Updated May 20, 2023  by Ryan Lutz
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