This piece is an abstract,  black and neon pink CONTEMPORARY PAINTING, [bob marley slave, 2020 by ryan lutz].  We offer European cotton rag fine art prints of all original art. Various sizes and museum quality framing to complement your decor, and budget.

I find it interesting, how as a society we view race relations. In reality, we are just a blip on a radar. Much as the same way we share common ancestors with primates, we are also evolving on the race spectrum. And the current races, will mesh over the next 10s, or 100s of millions of years. And race as we know it will be different.

We as a society view mixed race, people who are white/black, as black.  We dont view them as white, generally the media, the authorities, and the establishment views them as "black."   Obama and marley being 2 such examples. And the truth is, this is a relic of racism, and the "one drop," sentiment.  Where if someone has one drop of african blood, they were considered black.  

Which made me think about my grandmother describing her childhood in Montana, and how people with native American blood were looked down upon.  And in modern society, African Americans, and mixed race people (usually) are quite proud of their African heritage.  And they refer to themselves as "black."   I dont know how the Native americans view it.  Because you rarely see them in society.  

Native americans, are largely tucked away, and relegated to the "land" the were "given."   Which is relatively shitty land, as compared to the place they were displaced from.  For example in florida, they would have been on the beautiful and plentiful coastland.   And now in south florida the displaced Seminoles occupy here. And it sure as hell dont look like florida coast line.   The limited few encounters I have had with Seminoles from the reservation, was very sad, and they seemed very disenfranchised. Quite an unfortunate situation all around.   And I think its amazing how disconnected people are from this fact.  
This piece, as well as Hatchett job are both touching on the subjects of displacment of 2 groups of people.  Native Americans, and African Americans.  This pieces has several heavy coats of varnish, giving it color stability. IT is advised to exhibit this piece without a frame. Direct museum putty to a wall

Bob marley original(purple) HERE
Bob Marley Electric green here
Bob Marley PINK. HERE

 Print- transfer drawing, chalk pastels on cotton rag