Art is what makes life worth living.  From good chefs, painters, song writers, and musicians, actors, comedians, and designers, and visual artists.  

Unfortunately, Creativity and insanity are intertwined.  Genius artists are often massively burdened by mental illness:
1. Rothko  suicide in 1970
2. Sylvia Plath  suicide 
3.  Van gogh ear incident, suicide
4.  Monet attempted suicide.  

Anthony Bourdain, Chris Cornell, Kate Spade, Chris Farley, Belushi, Chester Bennington,  Kurt Cobain

 Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance.,  inspired so many.  A father and son traveling across america,  The father intellectually reconciling his past treatments for mental illness.

Written by Robert Pirsig, and rejected 126 times, before becoming a massive success(Millions sold, and best seller for decades).  Much more than a literary success, a reflection on the authors life.  The author, Pirsig, aggressively treated for schizophrenia with shock treatments.  The books main character symbolic of the author, and his reconciliation and triumph over mental illness!

If you judge a fish by his ability to climb a tree, the fish will always be a failure.  As a society, we have a tendency to throw away people with mental illness.  My sister, Sarah Lutz being one of those people.  

This is an area where we need to do better as a society.  Most great artists have some degree of mental challenges.  My former partner a massively successful artist, having committed passive suicide. 

We talked about the "famous" artists who died from mental illness.  But what about the talented artists you never hear about?  Those whose works never get seen.  Perhaps due to economics, or mental illness, etc.  

What about those massively talented artist gone to the grave, unknown?