Relationships with high quality collectors is your top priority.  And DAILY high quality content is key--->  The problem:  Daily content is hard.  

SOLUTION:---->Promoting your fellow gallery mates work on your social media. 
---> CRAZY, I KNOW.  Allow  me to explain

1. Referral commission.   If 90% of your followers are never going to buy from you.  Why not get 10-20% referral commission.    Its simple business and math.  

2.   Expert position-  People follow you because they respect you and they want to hear your opinion on color, tone, affect, placement, decor, etc.  Promoting other artists Paradoxically increases your authority.  And makes your work more attractive.  

3.  Know, Like, Trust-  When you make posts it showcase you and your personality and opinion.  People cant buy from YOU, until they know you, like you, and trust you!    Occasionally promoting other artists is a quick and easy way to meet new collectors.  

4.  Tone-
  Know anyone who constantly talks about themself??  It doesnt look good in person, or on social media.   Promoting other artists on social media brightens your light.

5.  Take the pressure off-  Sharing content from your partner artists is quicker, easier, and less stressful.  

Its not just profitable, its fun to support your fellow artists.   Because they will be supporting you.   You can also create your own team of salespeople.  

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