Below, I will  reference "low quality followers."  This  refers to a willingness, and ability to buy fine art.  Social media is primarily low quality.    That girl from high school with 7 kids, posting conspiracy theory.  That is a low quality follower.  

A serious collector is a high quality follower.  And they are spending less time on social media, because they are working.  To buy cars, houses, and art, etc. 

So, you should never get confused or intimidated by follower count, most "big" accounts are chock full of low quality followers who aint buying  art. 

quality versus quantity

Most established artists selling at $20,000, have low followers, in  low hundreds or thousands.  But their high quality art, and content attracts serious collectors.  

On the opposite end, the artist with 150k followers, who cant pay her website fees(true story).   Never confuse QUANTITY with QUALITY.  
The algorithm will feed you either low, or high quality followers.  And it better to have 2000 high quality followers, then to have 200,000 of low quality.   

But its not just quality.   You need to publish, consistently.  And consistent publishing is hard.  
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