Art marketing guide Why collectors disappear

Above,  hypothetical art gallery "XYZ."  
The black atop represents all your artworks for sale, in XYZ gallery.
The bottom black box is your gallery mates "Jane"  art works.
The yellow box represents prospects referred to XYZ gallery, by Jane.  

Double your exposure?

JAne is a talented sculptor, and she has nice couple looking for framed art.  They want a LARGE framed painting priced $1500-5000.  Minimalist, Orange, and  abstract.  

And you have an orange 40x60 in the gallery! 
You are now making a sale, retaining 65-75% commission!  
And the couple is happy with their fantastic new piece.  
Jane just  doubled your collector exposure, helping you land a sale. 
And Jane earned a referral commission of 15%.  

10x your exposure

Working with one other  artist, and you double your exposure.  Because their collectors will now see your works.    When you have 10 artists in a gallery,  your exposure is 10x.  

Sure, you lose +/-50% to the gallery, BUT, you are gaining exposure to 10x more collectors.  And this is why the gallery model has worked for hundreds of years. However, we wanted to make it 100% fair, so the best marketers, make the best money! 

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