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Welcome to 2022 Brooklyn Art Galleries Page.  Where we rank the art galleries, based on their Xs influence score.  Xs score ranks Brooklyn art galleries based on age, Google, Instagram followers, post count, and 5 other metrics.  This allows you to identify the best Brooklyn art galleries.  Click the links above when you are ready to visit Manhattan art galleries or Brooklyn art galleries.  

Discover the best current art exhibitions at various museums and Brooklyn Art Galleries.   From your home you can visit other art gallery districts: Tribeca, Chelsea, Upper East Side, Lower East Side, East Village/Greenwich, Midtown, SOHO, Bowery, Uptown, and the Hamptons.  Brooklyn is divided in to 2 areas.   Central/South Brooklyn and North Brooklyn including Bushwick, Greenpoint, Bedstuy, Williamsburg, and Queens.  

"Best" art galleries ranking is derived using XS influence score.  This is based on Instagram, Google, and 5 other factors.  This allows you to quickly identify the best Brooklyn Art Galleries.    Click below to use our comprehensive NYC Art gallery map!      

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Link to NYC art galleries map inclluding chelsea, soho, tribeca, greenwich, midtown

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