march, 2022

202230mar01mayKingston | 03/30/22 - 05/01/22 | Tomorrows Yesterdays | Stacey Cushner | Boston


March 30 (Wednesday) 12:00 am - May 1 (Sunday) 11:59 pm



450 Harrison Ave No. 43 | Boston MA 02118


Kingston Gallery 450 Harrison Ave No. 43 | Boston MA 02118

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Art Exhibition |
450 Harrison Ave No. 43 | Boston MA 02118


The world is trying to move forward and break free of the virus and fear. People are trying to regain their cheer. We have a nostalgia for the past and how we used to live. Even our democracy has been up ended. We recall when we were able to travel freely mingle and meet at a restaurant without masks and gather in groups without a care in the world. Our lived world longs for a return to another place and time or what the writer and art critic Svetlana Boym calls reflective nostalgia. As she said reflective nostalgia manifests in reconstructing our past in longing and loss and proposes to build and patch up any memory gaps sometimes in a positive and meaningful way.

I wish to rebuild that carefree past or at least the idea of that. Paintings in this show that nod to yesteryear but still live in today and bring me joy are based on two art works by the painters Dirck de Bray and Jan-Frans van Dael Dutch and Flemish painters of the 1600s and 1700s respectively. Autumn Choir (aft de Bray) was created with more vibrancy in colors and I used less florals than his original Still Life with Flowers.