Stephen Arboite ♻️ 2023 March | Art Exhibitions

Stephen Arboite

My work presents an intimately ontological approach to understanding and sharing my journey of self-discovery through paintings of seemingly distant, yet familiar faces and forms. Employing dreams as a metaphor for individual and communal healing, the soulful and spiritual works invite the viewer along to explore cultural heritage and introspectively consider their own paths with an intentional consciousness of mind, body, and spirit. Placing an emphasis on the historical significance and materiality of coffee, I create connections between my Haitian heritage and coffee as a spiritual medium used to emote scenes from my psyche, while simultaneously navigating a path of healing for myself and others who are yearning for a greater sense of self. I ask the viewer to immerse themselves in an examination of understanding of self through a psycho-spiritual lens, hopefully generating awareness of emotional and mental well-being, and a path to a potentially metamorphosic journey.


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