Orlando Museum of Art, and the temporary nature of (everything)

Orlando Museum of Art
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Been to many of Art Museums, because visiting  art museums is one of my favorites.  Museums create safety, peace, and permanence.  In a world that is filled with temporary-ness. 

Temporary relationships, employers, spouses, 
Temporary clothes, cheap, fast fashion, and nonsense trends

In a world filled with shallow, transient, temporary everything.  Museums Give an anchor.  Something we can hang our hats on.  Because the museum content will be seen,  discussed, and incorporated by the next generation(s).  Museums are the most permanent edifice we have in society.  

Museums make me feel the ways I think I should feel in Church.  I guess in many ways,  a museums is my Church.   Art Enthusiasts are my congregation.  Thought provoking artists, those are the leaders I want to follow.  

Dream Registry @ Orlando Museum of ARt.

Dream Registry

There was a particular exhibit at OMA that  hit home.  And reminded me of the temporary nature of life, Dream Registry.  A curation of dream summaries of people in hospitals.  Most of whom I gather are terminal, and children...

Walking up to this exhibit, one can feel the weight of the subject matter.  And I tip my hat to the curator, or whomever included this challenging installation.  

Being confronted with death, Especially the death of children, is tough to process.   Anyone dying before their time is tough.  Having watched my long term partner's life expire (early and unnecessarily) in 2019, this reality hits home for me.  

What I hope people take from this  Dream Registry exhibit is the temporary nature of their own lives.  The recognition that your life is temporary, and to make the most of it.  And I hope this exhibit gives people a better, more optimistic perspective on their life.  So as to not take things for granted, and to make the most of what they have.   Because this is all temporary. 

*  Was  fortunate to have met the family and the nephew of one of the creators of this Dream Registry.  The young boy (pictured) articulating what this exhibit meant to him, and for society at large.  This was a great example of the arts creating a MASSIVE impact.  This young boy being able to view this work of art, and becoming a more discerning and thoughtful member of society.  And that is the value of arts, and we are all better for it.  
orlando museum of arts Dream registry with the nephew of one of the creators

Orlando Museum of Arts Summary

Was excited to visit the Orlando Museum of Art. Though, I did not have my hopes high.  Because MOST museums and galleries, outside of major art markets, leave alot to be desired.

This was not the case with the Orlando Museum of Art, OMA is phenomenal.  Giving Miami Contemporary Art museums some stiff competition.  The current curation and exhibitions I found on par (or better than)  any contemporary art Museum Experience in Miami, or around the world.  Including many visits over the years to the Perez Museum Miami, Museum of contemporary art, North Miami (MOCA),  or   ICA Institute of Contemporary art Miami, and the Bass Museum of Art.  

Kudos to Orlando Museum of Art, and the curators & Coralie Claeyson-Gleyzon.  This current experience is beautiful, diverse, colorful, and inspiring.  Happy fourth to everyone.   And make sure you check out the Orlando Museum of Art!

July 04, 2021 — ryan lutz

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