large metallic painting by ryan lutz

🎈🪀🖲️ Creating a large original painting is hard.  That is why i visit moma museum.  To see beautiful large abstract original paintings. 
And its REALLY common for people to  think "I can do that." 
The truth is, anyone can create an abstract painting.  But, very few can create REALLY great large original paintings. 
And Im not suggesting who is, or isnt great at making original paintings. 
The market determines that. 

But, in my opinion the great paintings, and painters taps into something special.  In composition, color palette, or subject mater.  Something  that inspires, making the piece a million times "better." And sometimes, a million times for expensive.

I judge fine art (versus decorative art) based on several criteria.  But the main criteria.  The main thing that differentiates  Does the piece build interest?  Do I want to continue looking at the piece. That to me is the differentiator. 

How do you judge fine art?  What makes something fine art?  As opposed to non fine art?  

ryan lutz florida artist with mark rothko painting
March 27, 2021 — ryan lutz

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